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“A Moment of Grace”

The author examines how four institutions—Northern Arizona University, Emory University, Berea College, and Ithaca College—are incorporating sustainability into their curricula.
Planning for Higher Education Journal


Community members and partner organizations affirmed that the role of a higher education institution was indispensable in developing such an innovative approach.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Co-Curricular Community Service-Learning Program

Real-life experience through community service-learning assisted teacher candidates in developing specific skills, knowledge, and the cultural competency to meet the needs of diverse students in elementary and secondary classrooms.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Plan to Improve the Nation’s Teachers

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Challenging “If You Build It, They Will Come”

Active learning spaces can be catalysts for improved teaching and learning. Yet the key to planning for and effectively implementing them on campus is faculty who are willing to change, accept, and evolve their instructional delivery.
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Coffee Chat: Speculating Higher Education Priorities & Trends Post Pandemic

Recorded April 29. From Ayers Saint Gross, Jessica Leonard, Associate Principal, and Laura Hall, Associate, moderated this Coffee Chat on how will the COVID-19 pandemic might impact higher education.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Converting the Community Colleges

Conference Presentations

Curriculum Redesign

This session will explore how institutions can move away from “crisis teaching” and towards a mindfully-redesigned and thoughtfully-delivered curriculum spanning a range of models, from virtual to hybrid to in-person learning.
Planning for Higher Education Journal


Planning for Higher Education Journal

Education for Sustainability in Further and Higher Education

So, what’s happening ‘down under’ in campus sustainability? Providing an international context, our authors use Australian examples to describe planning for campus greening, learning for sustainability (curriculum), institutional learning, and competency-based training initiatives.

Five Ways to Advance Higher Education for Future Viability

In the fall of 2020, SCUP’s Pacific Region held five sessions over eight weeks to explore the core topics shaping higher education as colleges and universities adapted in response to the pandemic. This publication offers key insights, findings, and questions from this Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series.
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This capstone session will identify key insights from the series, pose new questions, and offer creative, actionable ideas for moving higher education forward.
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Keynote | Katherine Newman

As the chief academic officer of the University of Massachusetts system and as a labor market sociologist, Katherine Newman will provide valuable insight on how global changes are affecting the academic, research, and public service mission of higher education.
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An overview of how we learn and how various forces impact the learning experience.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Lessons Learned from Strategic Planning for Improved Teaching and Learning in Developing Economies

U.S. institutions have much to learn from the major transformations of teaching and learning achieved by higher education institutions in developing economies faced with limited funding and inhospitable environments.
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Making an IMPACT!

Discussion will focus on the changing expectations for librarians, especially as instructional partners, the redesigning of library learning spaces to support instructional innovation, and elements necessary for developing a faculty learning community focused on enhancing student-centered learning.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Middle Skills Education

Many jobs of the future will require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. How should we prepare the next generation of employees?
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Mindful Redesign for New and Effective Learning Environments

Join us to discuss what our campuses are planning for the immediate and distant future of teaching and learning.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning for Instructional Continuity

Classes can be cancelled because of inclement weather, faculty being unavailable, IT or power outages, pandemic-related closures, and other occurrences. The result of any of these circumstances can be a loss of instruction. St. Joseph’s University developed and applied a best practices guide to ensure the continuation of instruction in the advent of many short-term disruptions.
Example Plans

Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity

A growing collection of links to teaching continuity resources posted on US institution websites.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Convergence of Gaming and Learning

It’s time for the virtual gaming principles of enjoyment, autonomy, leadership, and curiosity to be designed into the higher education classroom experience. That’s because students, with their technological nativism, will soon be demanding the enhancement in order to be workforce and life ready.
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The Dynamics of Student Engagement and Socialization in Virtual Environments

Panelists from three institutions will share their campus projects and discuss how you can employ virtual student engagement and socialization practices—including how to leverage facilities—to enhance the student experience on your campus.
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Tour: The University of South Florida’s (USF) Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS)

The University of South Florida’s (USF) Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS) is a world-class facility dedicated to simulation-based healthcare education, training, and developing innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and reduce preventable medical errors.