Accreditation Pressures

Accreditation can be an anxiety-inducing trudge … or an opportunity to brag about your college’s or university’s accomplishments. What makes the difference? Planning—both for your institution’s future and for the accreditation process itself. Integrated planning aligns with many higher education accrediting bodies’ standards. It also produces most of the evidence you need to excel at your next accreditation reaffirmation while setting your institution up for continued success.

SCUP 2019 Annual Conference

July 14-16, 2019

Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA


PRESIDENT’S SESSION | Building an Inclusive Campus: A Cross-Border Perspective

Presented by Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of British Columbia

Assessing Institutional Capacity for Mission-Fulfillment and Student Success

Presented by Greg Brazell, Director of the Center for Engagement and Learning, Pierce College at Puyallup | Thomas Broxson, District Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pierce College at Puyallup | Laurie Tripp Heacock, Vice President of Data, Technology and Analytics, Achieving The Dream, Inc.

Moving Forward When Others Are Moving Backward

Presented by Richard Castallo, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, California State University-Northridge