Accreditation Pressures

Accreditation can be an anxiety-inducing trudge … or an opportunity to showcase your college’s or university’s accomplishments. What makes the difference? Planning—both for your institution’s future and for the accreditation process itself.

Integrated planning aligns with many higher education accrediting bodies’ standards. It also produces most of the evidence you need to excel at your next accreditation reaffirmation while setting your institution up for continued success.

Next steps! Get the tools to help you build a culture of integrating planning strategies.

  • SCUP’s Planning Institute Workshop series will help you and your team no matter where you’re at in the planning process! Check out the next offerings and move your plan from ideas to actions.
  • SCUP’s Academic Planning Workshop will show you how to navigate the complexities of governance structure, politics, resistance, and culture toward making academic decisions that are strategic and aligned. Join us September 22 and 29 (Online).



Employing Accreditation to Strengthen Planning and Drive Improvement

Use integrated planning to leverage your accreditation process, empowering it from a series of compliance exercises to a driver of quality and strategy. This collection of resources can show you how.


Integrated Planning Coaching

Get quick, timely problem-solving advice from planning experts with boots-on-the-ground experience. We’re here to help support your institution. Let’s talk!
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