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Planning for Equity-Centered Transformation

A pandemic, a rollercoaster economy, and continued racial injustice require going beyond realignment, redesign, and reform to equity-based transformation. How can we effectively tear down systemic barriers in everything from student access and success to teaching and learning? What will rebuilding for transformation look like? We must abandon the traditional three- to five-year planning cycle in favor of combining a macro-planning approach with shorter-term sprints (quick-turnaround scenario planning flexibility) to meet the changing needs of our students and communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss our need for deep, institutional self-assessment to identify the gaps between our assumptions about what is needed and how we plan.
  2. Renew our focus on access, student supports and teaching and learning approaches that are community-based, culturally relevant and equity centered.
  3. Consider the need for partnership building with community organizations, employers and educational partners to ensure our planning leads to social and economic mobility for all students.
  4. Discuss a macro-planning approach with shorter-term scenario planning flexibility to meet the changing needs of our students and communities.


Karen Stout, President and Chief Executive Officer, Achieving The Dream, Inc.

Recorded 7/13/21.

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