Change Management

Pushing change in higher education can feel like an impossible task. What is vital to one department is shrugged at in another. What is core to one office’s beliefs is antithetical to another. And everywhere are the ingrained habits, rituals, and procedures that reinforce the status quo. Change in colleges and universities needs to be nurtured, starting with an institution’s culture and the beliefs that underpin it. And that’s where integrated planning excels. It works with your culture, not against it. It engages stakeholders across the institution so you don’t have to make a case to anyone. You’re building a case together—a case for what your institution can be, and the motivation to get there.




The Human Side of the Strategic Planning Process in Higher Education

Planning is a change process, and like change, its success hinges on the beliefs and behaviors of people. This book provides insight, advice, and tools for effectively working with people through planning and change.


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