SCUP Fellows

Launching the Next Generation of Planning Leaders

The SCUP Fellows program is designed to strengthen higher education leaders who seek to carry out new research that contributes to SCUP’s knowledge base of integrated planning. Fellows receive a unique professional development opportunity and make an important contribution to the higher education planning community.

SCUP Fellows will initiate and complete a research project that contributes to SCUP’s knowledge base of integrated planning. The outcomes of their research are shared at the conclusion of their fellowship at SCUP’s Annual Conference and through a final report.

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Future Fellows

The next application window for the SCUP Fellows program will be announced in late Fall of 2024. For more information and to prepare for the application process, please contact DJ Pepito, Senior Director Research and Innovation.

2023–24 SCUP Fellows

Kathy Kelly
Kathy Kelly
2023–2024 SCUP Fellow
Partner and Strategy Director
Lisa Jasinski
Lisa Jasinski
2023–2024 SCUP Fellow
Associated Colleges of the Midwest
SCUP Coaches: Dorys Crespin-Mueller, Associate Vice President, Integrated Planning and Effectiveness, Thompson Rivers University; Dana Prymark, Planning and Foresight Consultant, Thompson Rivers University; Connie Foster, Ph.D., Facilitator and Consultant and former Interim Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

2022–23 SCUP Fellows

Joel Pettigrew
Joel Pettigrew
2022–2023 SCUP Fellow and Business Development Manager
Shepley Bulfinch
SCUP Coaches: Pascha McTyson, Program Manager, Student Engagement, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative; David McIntyre, Principal (Retired), VHB
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Tamara Wallace
Tamara Wallace
2022–2023 SCUP Fellow and Sustainability Programs Manager in the Office of the Chancellor
California State University
SCUP Coaches: Michael McCormick, Partnerships Lead, Founder & President, Farallon Strategies, LLC; Diane Stephans, Associate Vice President for Academic Resources and Planning, California State University-Northridge
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All SCUP Fellows

Learn more about all of the SCUP Fellows and read their final SCUP Fellow research reports.

Shannon Dowling | Peripheral Vision: Planning and Designing Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Learning Environments
Erin Johnson | An Integrated Planning Approach to Naming on Campus
Royce Robertson | Designing and Developing Mature, Mission-Aligned Online Academic Programs at Jesuit Institutions

Angela Foss | Smart Building, Smart Campus
Sue Gerber | The Relationship between Accreditation and Integrated Planning

Jeffrey Ashley | Using Alumni Surveys to Assess the Impacts of Active Learning Spaces on Development of Collaboration Skills
Jeremy Webster | Collaborative Planning as a Means toward Collaborative Innovation on a Co-Located Campus Project

Mahauganee Shaw Bonds | Institutional Decisions of How to Carry On After a Campus Tragedy: An Examination of Campus-Based Memorials, Structures, and Commemorative Spaces

Nic de Salaberry | P3 Performance for Higher Education
Ginelle Lang | Future-proofing Science and Engineering Facilities: An Analysis of Strategies

Janni Aragon | Information Technology: Building Important Bridges between Academic and Service Units
Annie Davis Weber | Strategic Planning in a Shared Governance Environment

Sylvia Ramirez | Decentralized Financial Management Practices in Higher Education
Adam Wyatt | (Re)Defining Data and Metrics to use in Academic Program Planning