Trends for Higher Education

Demographic shifts. Political changes. Social movements. The evolution of technology. These all affect your institution. SCUP’s biannual Trends for Higher Education report helps you and your institution stay on top of the major changes in the world around you and provides questions to begin timely planning conversations.

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Use the Trends Report to Help You:

  • Inform your environmental scanning or SWOT analysis
  • Support strategic planning efforts
  • Discuss the future of higher education
  • Serve as evidence to support budget requests
  • Assist in program prioritization
  • Develop new curricula

What is SCUP’s Trends Report?

We’ve done the scanning so you can do the planning.

Each issue includes 40-50 trends collected by scanning a wide range of sources and identifying significant trends and movements both inside and outside of higher education.

Each trend includes a brief summary, a footnoted source, and questions to help you and your team analyze and act on the trend.

A sample page from an issue of Trends showing its editorial structure.

Trends is Organized Using STEEP:

Social How people think, behave, and interact, including beliefs, values, culture, and lifestyle
Technology How people use technology (including hardware and software), how society relies on technology, and how technology affects society
Economic Macro- or microeconomics, including global trends, anything related to jobs and skills needed for jobs, and industry shifts
Environmental Our external surroundings, including sustainability and our evolving workplaces, cities, and living spaces
Political Public policy, governmental systems, the people within them, and the effects of government decisions on our citizens and communities

About the Trends Author

A graduate of the College of William & Mary and Howard University, Apryl Motley, CAE, is a CRLA-certified master tutor at Howard Community College where she assists students with their writing. Additionally, she was an associate faculty member at the University of Phoenix Online for 15 years. Motley covered higher ed business issues for NACUBO’s Business Officer Magazine for close to a decade. She is a member of the National Tutoring Association, Women in Film & Video, and the American Society of Business Publication Editors.