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Many higher education organizations seek capable, experienced employees in a variety of areas (facilities, academic administration or teaching, budget and resource, information technology, policy analysis, institutional research) for positions that require professionals capable of planning for the future of higher education. SCUP has proven to be a valuable resource for such organizations.

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Title Location Deadline Posted
Temporary Interviewer – Evenings/Weekends Pittsburgh, PA 5/10/21 4/12/21
Research Technician Pittsburgh, PA 5/8/21 4/12/21
Research Assistant Pittsburgh, PA 5/8/21 4/12/21
Facilities Project Manager Flagstaff 4/21/21 4/12/21
Architect/Engineer, Capital Maintenance Champaign, IL 4/24/21 4/5/21
Grants and Resources Specialist – Grant Writer Fort Worth, TX 6/30/21 4/5/21
Space Planning Analyst Mid-Atlantic Region 5/30/21 4/1/21
Director, Decision Support and Analysis Tempe, Arizona 5/3/21 4/1/21
Associate Vice President of Facilities Pasadena, California 6/23/21 3/29/21
Administrative Assistant Pittsburgh, PA 4/25/21 3/29/21
Executive Assistant to the Director of HERL Pittsburgh, PA 4/25/21 3/29/21
Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services Riverside, CA 5/26/21 3/25/21
Construction Project Manager Washington, DC 4/14/21 3/25/21
Project Manager OR Senior Project Manager Medford/Somerville, MA 5/1/21 3/25/21
Senior Campus Planner OR Campus Planner Somerville/Medford/Boston, MA 5/1/21 3/25/21
Campus Planner Burnaby, BC, Canada 5/23/21 3/25/21
Assistant Director for Space Planning & Safety Boston 4/15/21 3/25/21
Mechanical Engineer I (Facilities) Salisbury, MD 4/15/21 3/19/21
RCL Building & Project Lead Rochester, NY 5/19/21 3/19/21
Senior Marketing and Communications Analyst Pittsburgh, PA 4/17/21 3/19/21
Director, Campus Operations Greensboro, NC 5/15/21 3/19/21
Space Planner Seattle, WA, United States of America 4/15/21 3/9/21
Associate University Architect, Design & Construction Cedar Falls, Iowa 3/19/21 3/4/21
Associate Director (UCIE Penn Project Liaison) PHILADELPHIA 6/3/21 3/4/21
Associate Architect Durham, NH 4/30/21 3/4/21
Executive Director of Campus Stewardship/Campus Architect Durham, NH 4/30/21 2/27/21
eLearning Systems Coordinator Fort Worth, TX 5/20/21 2/21/21
Associate Vice President for Operations and Capital Projects San Francisco, CA 5/19/21 2/21/21
Assistant to the President Fort Worth, TX 5/10/21 2/10/21
Financial Account Coordinator Pittsburgh, PA 5/8/21 2/10/21
Director, Rensselaer Technology Park Troy, NY 6/1/21 2/10/21
eLearning Graphic Designer Fort Worth, TX 5/2/21 2/2/21
eLearning Instructional Designer – Accessibility Fort Worth, TX 5/2/21 2/2/21
Senior Instructional Designer Fort Worth, TX 5/2/21 2/2/21
Assistant Director, Space Management Washington, DC 4/26/21 2/1/21
Dean of Assessment, Research & Planning Reading, PA 2/12/21 1/18/21
Project Manager / Construction Manager Omaha, Nebraska 4/30/21 1/6/21