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Many higher education organizations seek capable, experienced employees in a variety of areas (facilities, academic administration or teaching, budget and resource, information technology, policy analysis, institutional research) for positions that require professionals capable of planning for the future of higher education. SCUP has proven to be a valuable resource for such organizations.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Thompson. Thank you!

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Title Location Deadline Posted
Assistant Director of Projects Charlotte, NC 1/3/22 11/30/21
Higher Education Planner Boston, MA 12/31/21 11/30/21
Executive Director, Facilities Management Chicago, IL 12/3/21 11/30/21
Executive Director, Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness Providence, RI 1/19/22 11/23/21
Vice President for Planning & Operations Columbus, OH 1/3/22 11/19/21
Space Planning Specialist Lowell, MA 9/30/22 11/19/21
Architectural & Campus Planner Boston, MA 12/16/21 11/19/21
Project Coordinator I, Facilities Planning & Operations Seattle, WA 12/31/21 11/16/21
Project Manager Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260 United States 12/15/21 11/16/21
Associate Facility Planner Long Beach, California 1/1/22 11/9/21
Design and Construction Project Manager Albion, MI 12/24/21 10/26/21
ASSOCIATE CONTROLLER Jersey City, NJ 12/31/21 10/22/21
Principal, Education, Science & Advanced Technologies Raleigh 12/31/21 10/22/21
Chief Administrative Superintendent Building and Grounds Bronx, NY 1/8/22 10/22/21
Director of Student Success & Retention Lamoni, IA 11/30/21 10/22/21
Director of Utilities and Energy Management Austin, TX 12/15/21 10/19/21
Director of Institutional Assessment Henderson, NV 1/21/22 10/15/21
Executive Director for Administration, Office for Capital Projects Princeton, NJ 12/13/21 10/15/21
Director, Capital Projects Management Baltimore, MD 12/31/21 10/8/21
Assistant Provost for Academic Analytics and Planning Minneapolis, Minnesota 10/15/21 9/29/21
Assistant Facility Planner Baltimore, MD 12/23/21 9/29/21
STEM Librarian Rochester, NY 12/31/21 9/29/21
Design & Construction Project Manager Baltimore, MD 6/30/22 9/15/21
Institutional Research Specialist Oralndo, FL 12/31/21 7/20/21