Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Co-Curricular Community Service-Learning Program

The Impact on Teacher Candidates and Indigenous Populations
From Volume 47 Number 3 | April–June 2019
By Glenda L. Black, Mair Greenfield
Planning Types: Academic Planning

Institutions referenced in this resource:
Nipissing University

Educators in teacher preparation programs use a range of pedagogies to assist teacher candidates in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become reflective instructors. Participating in co-curricular service-learning (CSL) provides an opportunity for candidates to show initiative and step out of their comfort zones, developing cultural understanding by working directly with community members and their children (Bates 2009; Coffey & Lavery 2015; Harrison 2013). In this article, the authors explore the impact of a CSL initiative on the teacher candidates from Nipissing University and the Indigenous community they service. Using a case study design, data, in the form of anticipatory and post-CSL reflections and individual semi-structured interviews, were collected over three years.

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