SCUP Planning Institute: Design

July 20-21, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

Developing and Implementing a Strategic Plan

Once you’ve determined your institution’s direction, it’s time to get specific. What will you do? How will you get there? Based on best practices, this workshop will give you the tools to help you build a strategic plan, create alignment and action plans, and prepare to implement and evaluate your plan.

With the Planning Institute: Design workshop, we’re here to help those who:

  • Have their planning framework established
  • Have written the plan but don’t know how to diffuse it into the rest of the institution
  • Might struggle with implementation

Workshop Details

There is a stereotype about strategic planning—it only creates plans that sit on the shelf, collecting dust. But plans that are created without building bridges across boundaries are doomed to fail. With the SCUP Integrated Planning Model, you develop the skills to lead your institution in an integrated strategic plan process that leads to putting that plan into action. How? By using a process that is participatory, robust, and sustainable. You will identify who you need to succeed and work with them. You will articulate goals that are relevant, translate those goals into assigned actions, and be ready to adjust those goals when inevitable changes happen. This workshop gives you the framework to develop, implement, and sustain your integrated plan. You will return to your institution with tools, techniques, and skills you can use to leverage your institution’s complex operating environment for change.

Break Down the Silos – Bring Your Team.

Integrated Planning requires working collaboratively across silos, help dissolve those silos by bringing your team. Learn together how to build a sustainable environment embracing integrated planning. Group discounts (20% off) are available.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess your institution’s resources and culture so you create a strategic plan that can be implemented.
  2. Identify strategic issues that must be addressed and map strategies and tactics to address those issues.
  3. Align plans both vertically with the overall strategic plan and horizontally with other unit plans so the entire institution works together towards goals.
  4. Implement your plan and prepare for common implementation challenges.

No AIA or AICP credit is offered for the workshop.