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We at SCUP are a community where integrated planning practices empower us to lead change through continuous learning and improvement across higher education. We are excited to take the next steps to bring our new strategic plan to life and we invite you to engage with us through our ongoing volunteer opportunities. Your time, ideas, and expertise could be part of the collective talent that will help higher education professionals feel empowered to lead a culture of integrated planning on their campus. Giving your time and energy, in any amount, can make a difference. Are you ready to collaborate and drive positive change through integrated planning? Consider volunteering today.

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There are also many opportunities to contribute to current SCUP programming. If you’re looking for something specific, browse the opportunities below to find a position that fits best with your skills, experience, and time.

Serve in a Leadership Committee Position

SCUP-wide Leadership

Regional Leadership

Lead or Support Producing SCUP Conferences and Events

Annual Conference Leadership

Annual Conference Support

Regional Conference Leadership

Regional Conference Support

Write, Present, or Review Submissions for SCUP Publications, Conferences, and Other Programs

Write or Present

Find out more about these opportunities, including:

  • Author-Blog Post, Ebook, Planning Journal Article, or Planning Journal Article Book Review
  • Author/Partner-Original Research
  • Presenter-Conference Session or Webinar
  • and more

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Please note that volunteer positions vary in requirements and availability. Some are elected positions (e.g., board of directors), some require board approval (e.g., committee chairs), some require prior experience within the volunteer group, and some are open only every two or three years.