Five Ways to Advance Higher Education for Future Viability

Key Insights, Findings, and Questions From the Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series, “COVID + CRUCIBLE: HIGHER EDUCATION FACES FALL 2020”
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Published January 21, 2021
By Lilian Asperin, WRNS Studio | Nicholas Santilli, PhD, Society for College and University Planning | Molly Thomas, WRNS Studio

Higher education within the United States is in the midst of an evolutionary change. But colleges and universities were having their moment of reckoning long before COVID-19 disrupted life and accelerated change. In the fall of 2020, SCUP’s Pacific Region held five sessions over eight weeks to explore the core topics shaping higher education as colleges and universities adapted in response to the pandemic. This publication offers key insights, findings, and questions from this Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series.


Lilian Asperin

Partner, WRNS Studio
SCUP Pacific Region Fall 2020 Series Moderator
SCUP Pacific Regional Chair

Nicholas Santilli, PhD

Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Society for College and University Planning

Molly Thomas

Senior Associate, WRNS Studio

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