SCUP Annual Conference - Seattle

SCUP 2019 Annual Conference

July 14-16, 2019
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Where Planning Comes Together.

SCUP 2019 is over but the expanded conversations, learning, and connections have just begun! The insights shared during the three thought-provoking keynotes, the strategies explored, trends revealed, and the powerful conversations at the member lounge were just some of the things that made up the two days – a community coming together to help unleash the power and potential of higher education.

Don’t let the energy from Seattle fade. Continue the conversations and learning throughout the year during your regional events and workshops offered. We look forward to the coming year and what’s in store for Cleveland 2020.

Upcoming dates for Cleveland 2020:

  • The call for proposals opens October 23
  • Registration opens January 2020

Conference Slides and Handouts

Click on session titles below to read session details and download slideshows and handouts. Thank you to all of our presenters!

Campus Tour

UW Bothell and Cascadia College Campus

Presented by Julie Blakeslee, Mark J. Cork, Kelly Snyder


Paying the Price: College Affordability and the Impact on Students: Why, How, and What Now

Presented by Sara Goldrick-Rab

Concurrent Sessions

A Survival Guide to Planning and Executing Phased Renovations

Presented by Laura A. Cruickshank, Roger N. Goldstein, Sarah Stanton

Adapt or Perish: Equipping Students With Workforce Skills

Presented by Cheryl McConnell, David L. Reid

Align, Support, and Measure Your Institution’s Community Engagement

Presented by William Generett, Stephen Hundley, Jessica Mann, Kristin Norris

Aligning Environments With Policies and Systems for Wellness

Presented by Valerie Donovan, Stan Szwalek, Aaron Williams, Nicole Youngberg

Analytics, Assessment, Award: Our Successful Baldrige Journey

Presented by Thomas Cleary

Apply Design Thinking to Strategic and Academic Plan Development

Presented by Heather Murchison

Assessing and Relocating Administrative Workspaces, On and Off Campus

Presented by Dan Alexander, Paul M. Leef, David L. Rea

Assessing Institutional Capacity for Mission-Fulfillment and Student Success

Presented by Greg Brazell, Thomas Broxson, Laurie Tripp Heacock

Assessing Learning Environments to Improve Utilization

Presented by Melissa Alexander, Robert Kief, Kim Selby

Boom and Bust: How One Campus Responds to Fluctuations in State Funding

Presented by Leslie Bjore, Mary Anne Ocampo, Tyler Patrick

California State University’s Graduation Initiative 2025

Presented by Loren J. Blanchard

The Campus 2050 Initiative: How Campuses Are Planning for Change

Presented by Cathrine D. Blake, Julie Emms, Amber Luther

Collaborative Models to Scale Up Climate Action and Resiliency Efforts

Presented by Steven F. Baumgartner, Wendell Brase, Dennis Carlberg, Mary Beth McGrew

Data-Informed Faculty Staffing and Budgeting by Programs

Presented by Thomas Eleuterio, Ti Yan

Decarbonize Your Campus Through Building Electrification

Presented by David Phillips, Scott Shell, Joseph C. Stagner

Design, Assess, and Improve Learning Spaces With FLEXspace

Presented by Rebecca V. Frazee, Lisa A. Stephens

Designing for Introverts

Presented by Chris Cocallas, Mary Elliott, Paul S. Haack, Ron J. Van der Veen

Does Roll-Out Matter? Policy Communication and Operationalization

Presented by Antonis Asprakis

Ensuring Research Resilience Through Programmatic and Facilities Alignment

Presented by Eric Boatman, Barbara J. Kranz, Andrew Labov, Avery Miller, James W. Simeo

Evolving Campus Security: Designing a Successful Plan and Operations Center

Presented by Greg Cunningham, Kimberly Hickson

Facility Data Drives Funding and $450 Million Capital Program

Presented by Kyle LeBlanc, John W. Strybos

From “What if?” to What’s Next?”: Planning for a Next Generation Business School

Presented by Jeanne Chen, Elliot Felix, Bob Reppe, Bryan Routledge

From Industrial Wasteland to Modern Campus: UP’s New River Campus

Presented by Andrew Burke, James Kuffner

The Geometry of Learning: Experiences From the Arena Classroom

Presented by Amy Donohue, Jon Dorbolo, Joseph Pettibon, Erica Woekel

Get a Week’s Worth of Strategic Planning Done in One Day

Presented by Erica Eckert

Higher Education, Congress, and the Trump Administration: What Has Happened and What Should We Expect?

Presented by Terry W. Hartle

How Chief Academic Officers Can Successfully Work With Their Chief Business Officers to Ensure Institutional Success

Presented by Ruth Johnston

How Integrated Planning and Partnerships Drive Engaged, Innovative Learning Enterprises

Presented by Joel S. Bloom, Joseph E. Gilmour, Joseph Konopka

How Is My Institution Going to Survive the Coming Demographic Cliff?

Presented by Bryan C. Harvey

How Open Source Learning Could Revolutionize Education Delivery

Presented by Walter Balser, Melanie Hicks

How to Create a Welcoming Campus: People, Processes, and Possibilities

Presented by Christine Fitzpatrick, Stephen Hundley, Shawn Peters

How to Get Collaboration, Not Just Cooperation

Presented by Andy Powers

Improve Employee Engagement and Student Success Through Effective Leadership Practices

Presented by Chi Lo

Improving the Student Experience Through Interdepartmental Planning and Collaboration

Presented by Joel Domingo

Increase Student Participation in Planning to Create More Equitable Spaces

Presented by Cory Gillette, Luxo Lopez, Derrick McDonald, Aidee Medel Diaz, Ngoc Nguyen, Amara Perez, Cesar Santiago Perez, Erika Villanueva

Informal Learning Spaces: Research, Design, and Advocacy on Urban Campuses

Presented by Sara Grant, Eve B. Klein, Meghan Moore-Wilk

Informal Learning Spaces: Research, Design, and Advocacy on Urban Campuses

Presented by Sara Grant, Eve B. Klein, Meghan Moore-Wilk

Innovation Ecosystem at Campus Edge: MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative

Presented by Michael K. Owu, Mark Sardegna

Institutional Effectiveness (IE): A Tool for Integrated Planning and Evaluation

Presented by Carolinda Douglass

Integrating Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Budgeting Processes in Higher Education

Presented by Hiba Itani, Dania Salem

Integrating Audiovisual Technology to Serve the Digital-First Student

Presented by Brian F. Carter, Ron Cramer, Steve Jowett, David Whitehill

Issues in Workplace Design (and How Innovative Universities Address Them)

Presented by Niraj Dangoria, Damon A. Sheppard, Evan Yassky

Keep Your Top Talent: Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

Presented by Chris Boies, Anthony J. Lucarelli

Keeping Facilities Projects Within Budget

Presented by Tanner Clapham, Joe Lisiewski, Cassie Robertson

Learning Spaces of the Future: Personal Learning and Neurodiversity

Presented by Jeffrey Ashley, Scott Montemerlo

Leveraging Software to Improve Academic Programs and Faculty Hiring

Presented by Patrick McDonald, Molly Wilson

The Living Community Challenge, Master Planning, and a Bayfront Research Campus

Presented by Alicia Daniels Uhlig, Barbara A. Maloney, Shirin Rohani

Making Shared Services Work: Perspective From Both Sides of the Change

Presented by James Armit, Sarah Stow

Master Planning Engagement Strategies for Underrepresented Students

Presented by James H. Kolker, Christiana Moss, Lori White

Moving Forward When Others Are Moving Backward

Presented by Richard Castallo

Multi-Institutional Collaborative Planning to Meet Changing Technology Accessibility Requirements

Presented by Brandon Ray

Observed Themes in Higher Education Planning and Design From the 2019 Excellence Award Entries and Recognition of Winners

Presented by Niraj Dangoria, Arthur E. Frazier, Craig S. Spangler, Laura Tenny, Karen Wolfert

On-campus Student Housing: Compare Approaches for Construction and Delivery

Presented by Adam Baacke, Laurence Siegel

Plan and Align Improvement Efforts Across Departments

Presented by Allison Phayre

Planning and Budget Alignment: Put the Annual Plan in the Driver’s Seat

Presented by Kimberley Turner-Rush

Planning and Designing for Innovation: A Hackathon

Presented by Christopher Baylow, Kenneth Ellis, Leigh Stringer

Planning Our Future By Honoring Our Past

Presented by Peter Baratta, Gregory Janks, Lauralyn Lee

Planning Pathways to Carbon Reduction

Presented by Neal Matsuno, Chris Rhie, R. Umashankar, David Weil

Positioning Success: How to Achieve the Impossible With Comprehensive Pre-planning

Presented by Christopher Gluesing, Sam Rajamanickam, Tom Zeigenfuss

Post-Occupancy Evaluation for Active Learning Environments: Methodologies, Results, and Impacts

Presented by Christopher J. Clark, Patricia Nobre, David M. Taeyaerts, Meghan E. Webster

Problem-Solving Skills: Identifying and Using Your Team’s Creative Strengths

Presented by June Hanley

Promote Health and Wellbeing on Your Campus With the Okanagan Charter

Presented by Matt Dolf, Dennis J. Swinford, Paula Swinford

Putting the Green in Infrastructure: An Urban Campus’s High-Performance Landscape

Presented by Jennifer Johnson, Eric Kramer, Laura Tenny

Risk Management and Campus Resilience

Presented by Bonny Bentzin, Ariane Laxo, Lisa Matthiessen

SCUP Fellows Research Presentation: Using Alumni Surveys to Assess the Impact of Innovative Learning Spaces on Development of Career-Ready Soft Skills

Presented by Jeffrey Ashley

The Strategic Plan as a Catalyst for Student Success

Presented by Valarie L. Avalone, Joel Lloyd Frater

Strategic Planning at the Division Level

Presented by Erica Eckert

Strategic Scheduling to Stay Within Budget

Presented by Kristy Lisle, David D. Ulate

Student Success: What’s Space Got To Do With It?

Presented by Lynn Akey, Linda L. Baer, Krisan Osterby

Systemic Capital-Improvement Strategies to Weather the Coming Financial Storm

Presented by Libby Ramirez, Kip Richardson, Steve Tatge, Dan Zalkow

Understand the Other Side: Capital Project Insights From Trustees and Administrators

Presented by James H. Kolker, Judith Nitsch, Sylvia Smith

Unearthed: Digging Into UMass Boston’s Transformational Utility, Landscape, and Roadway Project

Presented by Dorothy F. Renaghan, Ian Scherling, James Velleman

Using Campus Development to Build Industry Partnerships and Dismantle Academic Silos

Presented by Kelly Dreyer, Robert Goldstein, James E. Modig

Using Integrated Planning to Respond to Disruption in Higher Education

Presented by Nicholas R. Santilli

Wellness and Lactation Spaces – the Law, Family Health, and Planning

Presented by Kathy Benton, Joyce S. Lee, William A. Massey, Tyler Patrick

What You Want to Know About Assessment But Are Afraid to Ask

Presented by Erica Eckert, Nicholas R. Santilli

When Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Meet Integrated Campus Planning

Presented by Lev Gonick

Your Resources: Put Them Where They Will Do the Most Good

Presented by Larry Goldstein

Keynote Speakers

Joseph Aoun
PresidentNortheastern University, and Author of Robot-Proof

Preparing Learners to Succeed in the A.I. Age, Invited: John O’Brien, President and Chief Executive Officer, EDUCAUSE
Patrick Methvin
Director, Postsecondary SuccessBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Invited: Mark David Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Civitas Learning
Sara Goldrick-Rab
Author and Professor of Higher Education Policy & SociologyTemple University

Featured Sessions

PRESIDENT'S SESSION | Building an Inclusive Campus: A Cross-Border Perspective
Presented by Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of British Columbia
Assessing Institutional Capacity for Mission-Fulfillment and Student Success
Presented by Greg Brazell, Director of the Center for Engagement and Learning, Pierce College at Puyallup | Thomas Broxson, District Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pierce College at Puyallup | Laurie Tripp Heacock, Vice President of Data, Technology and Analytics, Achieving The Dream, Inc.
Moving Forward When Others Are Moving Backward
Presented by Richard Castallo, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, California State University-Northridge
Free-Range Learning in the Digital Age
Presented by Peter P. Smith, Orkand Chair, Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education, University of Maryland-University College
Using Integrated Planning to Respond to Disruption in Higher Education
Presented by Nicholas R. Santilli, Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Society for College and University Planning
Higher Education, Congress, and the Trump Administration: What Has Happened and What Should We Expect?
Presented by Terry W. Hartle, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs, American Council on Education (ACE)