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The future of planning relies on the strength of ideas and the passion of individuals. Your gift to The SCUP Fund supports research and initiatives that drive innovative ideas and enterprising solutions for higher education viability and vitality.

Contributions from individuals and corporate partners help facilitate the SCUP mission by introducing new ideas and research that advance integrated higher education planning.

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About The Fund

Contributions to the SCUP Fund primarily support the SCUP Fellows program. The SCUP Fellows program is designed to strengthen higher education leaders who seek to carry out new research that contributes to SCUP’s knowledge base of integrated planning. Fellows receive a unique professional development opportunity and make an important contribution to the higher education planning community.
Your gifts to the SCUP Fund have a collective impact to help develop innovative programs and fuel cutting-edge planning research. Your gift will help accelerate integrated planning methodology, knowledge sharing, and progress.

2023 Updates

SCUP continues to make investments in research that advances higher education planning:

  • In December of 2022, SCUP hired a senior director for research and innovation to support the SCUP Fellows program, conduct applied research for integrated planning, and align collaborative partnerships for SCUP’s strategic initiatives.
  • The advancement committee earmarked up to $10,000 from The SCUP Fund for commissioned integrated planning research in the area of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Scholarships have been established to support underserved institutions by providing online Planning Institutes (PI) to their planning teams. The scholarships will enable teams of planning stakeholders to participate in the PI without the cost of travel. SCUP thanks SPOL for their foundational grant that has opened this new educational opportunity.

SCUP’s Philanthropic Arm

SCUP’s Advancement Committee provides oversight of The SCUP Fund. Their development and fundraising efforts help higher education leaders unleash innovative and enterprising solutions. Every gift matters. Members of SCUP’s Advancement Committee thank you in advance for your support of, and participation in The SCUP Fund.

The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. SCUP’s federal tax ID number is 38-6147432.

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Lifetime Giving

We recognize and thank our generous group of contributors for their accumulated contributions over the lifetime of  The SCUP Fund.

Legacy – $10,000+

  • Michael and Susie Hites
  • Robert and Priscilla Joy

Cumulative Gifts of $5,000+

  • John Ruffo, WRNS Studio
  • Daniel R. Kenney, Page
  • David L. McIntyre, VHB
  • Ken N. Higa, The Beck Group

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