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The future of planning relies on the strength of ideas and the passion of individuals. Your gift to The SCUP Fund supports research and initiatives that drive innovative ideas and enterprising solutions for higher education viability and vitality.

Contributions from individuals and corporate partners help facilitate the SCUP mission and introduce new ideas and research that advance integrated higher education planning.

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Our Future

Your gifts to the SCUP Fund have a collective impact to help develop innovative programs and fuel cutting-edge planning research. Your gift will help accelerate integrated planning methodology, knowledge sharing, and progress.

The SCUP Fund Strategic Action Plan

The first strategic action plan for The SCUP Fund was completed this past spring. Please see our SCUP Fund infographic to learn more about our strategic directions and goals. Our four strategic directions for 2021–2022 in support of the SCUP Strategic Plan are:

  1. Maximize the effectiveness of The SCUP Fund through a sustainable and viable governance structure.
  2. Drive planning innovation and solutions for higher education through new initiatives funded by The SCUP Fund.
  3. Create a long-term plan for the sustainability of the SCUP Fellows Program.
  4. Reinforce a philanthropic culture within SCUP through communication and brand invigoration.

Work has launched toward meeting these goals. A new initiative will be identified in early 2022 that will expand the impact of The SCUP Fund. The selected initiative will be guided by SCUP member surveys and interviews, and SCUP’s strategic direction. How will our Fund drive innovation and impact higher education planning in a new way? We’ll send you an update on our progress after the New Year.

SCUP Fellows Program

Your gifts support the SCUP Fellows program. Your contributions to The SCUP Fund create opportunities for the planning leaders of tomorrow and bring insights and ideas to solve the planning issues of today.

SCUP Fellows bring us a research project that offers an enterprising approach or solution to a current challenge in higher education planning. The SCUP Fellows program is designed to strengthen higher education leaders who seek to carry out new research that will contribute to SCUP’s knowledge base of integrated planning. Their fellowship research could be the catalyst that unleashes fresh thinking, prompts a new strategy, or tackles a tough problem that advances higher education effectiveness. Learn more.

3 SCUP Fellows Launch Integrated Planning Research

SCUP Fellows Joel Pettigrew, Cameron Shirley, and Tamara Wallace are launching their SCUP Fellow research! Fellows initiate and complete a research project that contributes to SCUP’s knowledge base of integrated planning during their fellowship year. Their final research papers are available to everyone. Learn about our fellows and read recent SCUP Fellow reports.

‘Friend-raiser” at Mid-Atlantic Regional Social Success!

A lively SCUP Fund “friend-raiser” at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference last March raised a remarkable $8,748 for The SCUP Fund! Our thanks to the event’s organizers, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, everyone who stopped by that evening, generous event guests who made a gift to The SCUP Fund, and our wonderful event sponsors who made it all possible:

  • Dunlap & Partners Engineers, PC A Salas O’Brien Company
  • DPR Construction
  • ECS Corporate Services, LLC
  • Glave & Holmes Architecture
  • Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers
  • VHB
  • ZGF Architects LLP

Thanks to you all!

SCUP’s Philanthropic Arm

SCUP’s Advancement Committee provides oversight of The SCUP Fund. Their development and fundraising efforts help higher education leaders unleash innovative and enterprising solutions. Every gift matters. Members of SCUP’s Advancement Committee thank you in advance for your support of, and participation in The SCUP Fund.

The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. SCUP’s federal tax ID number is 38-6147432.

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Our sincere gratitude and thanks to all our 2022 Contributors!

 Strategy Investor (Special fund to bring the Planning Institute to underserved institutions.)

  • SPOL

 Sustainers (Groups or individuals who have pledged $1,000 a year for four years)

  • Cordogan Clark Group – Ittner Architects
  • Mackey Mitchell Architects, In Memory Of Eugene J. Mackey III, FAIA

Futurists (Annual Contribution $1,000+)

  • Mackey Mitchell Architects
  • Ken Higa, The Beck Group

Benefactors (Annual Contribution $500-$999)

  • William Massey, Sasaki

Innovators (Annual Contribution $250-$499)

  • Daniel Kenney, Page Southerland Page, Inc

Enterprisers (Annual Contribution $100-$249)

  • Anthony LoBello, Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects
  • Roger Goldstein, Goody Clancy
  • Steve Hostetler, Timmons Group
  • Chuck Rudalavage, Gensler
  • Justin Trent, Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers
  • Alan Cuteri, Strada Architecture, LLC
  • Amy Murdock, Code Consultants, Inc.
  • David Zaiser, HDR, Inc.

Opportunity Builders (Annual Contribution Up to $99)

  • Nancy Sturm, NV5 Engineering & Technology, formerly Sextant Group
  • Anthony Lucarelli, Strada Architecture, LLC
  • Nicholas Cooper, Hanbury
  • Gaurav Gupte, Odell Associates Inc
  • Jason Toomgam, MAD Architects
  • Dorys Crespin-Mueller, Thompson Rivers University
  • Heather Taylor, Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Andrew Finkelstein, Bohler
  • Abigail Mountain, Strada Architecture, LLC
  • Gregory Kufner, Pennsylvania State University
  • Steve Mundt, Grimm + Parker Architects
  • Cooper Melton, Ayers Saint Gross

Lifetime Giving

We recognize and thank our generous group of contributors for their accumulated contributions over the lifetime of  The SCUP Fund.

Legacy – $10,000+

  • Robert and Priscilla Joy

Cumulative Gifts of $5,000+

  • John Ruffo, WRNS Studio
  • Michael and Susie Hites
  • Daniel R. Kenney, Page
  • David L. McIntyre, VHB
  • Ken N. Higa, The Beck Group

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