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Pacific Regional Conference

April 1-3, 2020
San Diego, CA


Academic institutions exist in large part to spur innovation, cultivate engaged communities, and improve society through education. As technology continues to individualize how we learn, work, and connect, academic institutions must consider the benefits of personalized learning to deliver on the promise of their missions.

The SCUP 2020 Pacific Regional Conference will explore the continuum of personalized learning in higher education through the theme of “multiplicity,” offering a fresh take on diversity and inclusion, campus life, and student success. Embracing multiplicity is about acknowledging and supporting the diverse perspectives and contexts that inform how students learn and participate in their communities. Together we will investigate how higher education institutions are fostering multiplicity on campus and recognizing the potential for greater outcomes in personalized education delivery.

The unique character of the San Diego region—in particular its proximity to Mexico, its diverse racial and socio-economic population, and the ubiquitous public/private partnerships forged to deliver facilities that serve its people— sets the stage for creative approaches to integrated planning for higher ed. Building on the launch of the SCUP Strategic Plan in 2019, this conference is designed as a medley of opportunities for learning, ranging from quick and provocative talks by innovative thought leaders, concurrent sessions and tours to highlight best practices, and deep dive workshops and master classes led by subject matter experts.

Join us at San Diego State University to learn more about how your institution can evolve to support students’ differing perspectives on the self and community, culture and context, digital and analogue, and the many other personal factors that inform student success, including experiences beyond the campus.

Call for Proposals

Deadline to submit your proposal: October 15

You are invited to submit your proposal as a presenter for a concurrent session. Each session may include case studies of successes and challenges, explorations of emerging trends and approaches, pioneering investigations, outcome studies, or historical comparisons.

Relevant: Develop quality sessions that address key issues facing institutional planning and delivery. We encourage the effective use of statistical and analytic benchmarking, research, delivery methodologies and use of appropriate media. Outline key insights and lessons learned within the agenda items section on the proposal form.

Participatory: Sessions should involve one to four presenters. The presenters should include institutional representatives (faculty, staff, students) to add credibility, performance, and context to the sessions where appropriate to content. You must confirm the commitment of all speakers listed in your proposal and all presenters are required to register for the conference. During the review and selection process, we will consider how the proposal demonstrates the diversity of experiences and viewpoints amongst presenters as well as how those perspectives shaped the dialogue related to the topic.

Engaging: Proposals should clearly outline the subject and content, exhibit research and analysis of the topic, and show how it applies to the conference theme. Your agenda items should describe who the target audience is, define the delivery and presentation medium intended, and outline how you intend to engage the audience in the session.

Delivery Format

Concurrent Sessions: Traditional one-hour session

Need some ideas for your concurrent session proposal? We would love to include the following
important topics in our conference program:

Campus Planning

  • Living-learning modalities
  • Synchronous and asynchronous environments
  • Student life and community: housing, homelessness, faculty and staff recruitment, community

Cultural Experiences

  • Inclusivity and identity
  • Generative discussion versus non-generative and divisive issues
  • Empathy, health, and wellness

Strategic Networks

  • Sense of community among institutions
  • Student success before, during, after college
  • Partnerships with other institutions and industries, especially tech innovations
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Active Learning

  • Alternative delivery methods: mega versus mini projects
  • Strategic plans
  • Lifelong learning

Submit a Proposal

Please note: You will need to create an account on our Call for Proposals portal in order to process your submission. This account is separate from your mySCUP account.

View the submission questions.

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