Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series | COVID + CRUCIBLE: HIGHER EDUCATION FACES FALL 2020

October 9, 2020

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Summer-Fall Series
(5 Sessions – August 14, August 28, September 11, September 25, October 9)

“Are Universities Going the Way of CDs and Cable TV?”
“What’s the Value of Harvard without a Campus?”
“Higher Ed’s Reckoning with Race.”
“Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?”

These are just a few headlines that reveal the anxious and uncertain state of higher education. But colleges and universities were having their moment of reckoning long before COVID hit, disrupting how we go about our lives (including the campus experience) and accelerating impending change.

Curricular and pedagogical changes have long-demanded that the campus evolve and flex for relevancy and value. How does the campus matter in the mobile, connected, and often-virtual world of work and community? Systemic racism and its attendant violence—a pandemic in its own right—has not retreated during COVID, but rather, risen with a commensurate sense of urgency. What is the role of higher education, pre-COVID and moving forward, to address inequity? As colleges and universities cautiously and courageously re-open, how do we adapt space safely, nimbly, and mindfully, in real time? Quite simply, what do we do? How do we deliver on one of the core promises of higher education—the discovery, creation, and sharing of actionable information— to turn crucible into opportunity? 

 SCUP’s Pacific Region Fall 2020 Series explores integrated planning for change via five core topics that are shaping higher education as colleges and universities reopen. We hope you’ll join us in discussion this Fall!

Registration is available for single sessions, or purchase the full series at a discounted rate. Full conference registrants will also receive a closing white paper at the end of the series. The white paper will summarize lessons learned in response to COVID-19 and best practices for moving forward in a post-pandemic world.


SESSION 1: AUGUST 14, 2020, 10-12 PM Pacific
Where are We? Where Do We Go? Moving From Reactivity to Creativity During COVID
Recording available on the program page.

Internationally known futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher Bryan Alexander kicks off the SCUP Fall 2020 series by exploring the core issues, challenges, and opportunities shaping higher education during COVID. His focus on how technology transforms education will set the tone for a lively discussion—from tactical to blue sky—among institutional leaders about reopening this Fall. Join us for a roundtable discussion with thought leaders who are adapting strategic plans in ways that are creative and authentic to their institutions, demographics and financial resources.

SESSION 2: AUGUST 28, 2020, 10-12 PM Pacific
Curriculum Redesign: Evolving Practices for Virtual and Physical Learning
Recording available on the program page.

How do we move from “crisis teaching” to the mindful redesign and thoughtful delivery of curriculum across the range of models, from in-person to hybrid to entirely virtual? What kind of experience are we trying to uphold? How are we solving for the kinds of hands-on spaces that support research or industry partnerships? Join us to explore best practices and lessons learned from institutional leaders and professionals across the Pacific Region.

CEUs available. See program for more details.

SESSION 3: SEPTEMBER 11, 2020, 10-12 PM Pacific
Critical Race Theory Workshop: Hurdles and Hopes for Practicing Racial Equity in Design
Session resources available on the program page. This session was not recorded.

Educational settings are not neutral—planning and design can reproduce or address inequities in powerful ways. While adopting inclusive approaches opens new possibilities, it can also present real challenges. Confronting these hurdles is key to practicing equity in design, particularly in the context of the social pandemic of systemic racism. Join us for a workshop exploring the common challenges to practicing racial equity while working to understand and transform.

SESSION 4: SEPTEMBER 25, 2020, 10-12 PM Pacific
Adapting the Campus: Thoughtful Planning + Reshaping Physical Space in Real Time
Recording available on the program page.

The pandemic has compelled institutions to quickly re-think space planning to address health and safety concerns during the pandemic. How are we restructuring our facilities planning teams? What are the implications of financial re-planning? What are best practices for the deployment of various live/learn models? Join us as we attempt to answer these questions and many more.

SESSION 5: OCTOBER 9, 2020, 10-12 PM Pacific
Lessons Learned From the Fall 2020 Reopening—What Will Stick?

Recording available on the program page.

During the Fall of 2020, institutions across the Pacific Region will develop and implement protocols for reopening. What will stick? What’s been merely disruptive versus an acceleration of much needed changes as higher education evolves to better serve students? How are new approaches supporting an institution’s core mission? This session will explore lessons learned in response to COVID and best practices for moving forward in a post-pandemic world.

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