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Five Ways to Advance Higher Education for Future Viability

Key Insights, Findings, and Questions From the Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series, “COVID + CRUCIBLE: HIGHER EDUCATION FACES FALL 2020”
Published 2021
In the fall of 2020, SCUP’s Pacific Region held five sessions over eight weeks to explore the core topics shaping higher education as colleges and universities adapted in response to the pandemic. This publication offers key insights, findings, and questions from this Virtual Pacific Region Fall Series.
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Lessons Learned From The Fall 2020 Reopening

What Will Stick?
Published 2020
During the Fall of 2020, institutions across the Pacific Region will develop and implement protocols for reopening. What will stick? What’s been merely disruptive versus an acceleration of much needed changes as higher education evolves to better serve students? How are new approaches supporting an institution’s core mission?
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Adapting the Campus

Thoughtful Planning + Re-Shaping Physical Space in Real-Time
Published 2020
We will share how The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is navigating the fall semester and its overall vision for the campus, including opening a living and learning neighborhood to enhance student life and success in the midst of the pandemic.
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Curriculum Redesign

Evolving Practices for Virtual and Physical Learning
Published 2020
This session will explore how institutions can move away from “crisis teaching” and towards a mindfully-redesigned and thoughtfully-delivered curriculum spanning a range of models, from virtual to hybrid to in-person learning.
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Where are We? Where Do We Go?

Moving from Reactivity to Creativity During COVID
Published 2020
This session will explore the core issues, challenges, and opportunities that are shaping higher education and uncover the breadth of adaptation that institutions must undertake in this time of disruption.