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Conference Presentations

Demographics, Defaults, Disillusionment, Disruption

Published 2020
SCUP 2020 Annual Conference. This session will show how Innovation Theory can help institutions thrive in learning's new golden age rather than falling under the scythe of the industry's most daunting challenges, the most urgent of which is COVID-19. The theory-based framework we discuss will give you a new lens through which to analyze your challenges and guide your strategic decision making.
Conference Presentations

The Physical Campus in a Digital World

Published 2019
How must campuses adapt to the fraying relationships between mission and place, size and scale? What remains after the environmental forces of a digital world?
Conference Presentations

Disruption is Upon Us

Integrated Planning is Your Superpower
Published 2019
This session will discuss sources of disruption and how integrated planning can help institutions prepare for all different types as well as acculturate change conversation on campus.