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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Leveraging Institutional Planning to Benefit Latinx StudentsLocked

Racially Disaggregated and Actionable Data Improve Community College Transfer Success
From Volume 49 Number 2 | January–March 2021
How can institutional planners make a difference for underrepresented minority students? Senior administrators at East Los Angeles College addressed inequities in Latinx student transfer rates with data-backed culturally-relevant strategies.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

‘Colorblind-Spots’ in Campus DesignLocked

Planners and Architects Can Offer Solutions That Center on Social Justice
From Volume 49 Number 1 | October–December 2020
Educational leaders are noting that conventional campus design planning efforts have neglected to include the voices of historically underserved communities. Socio-spatial inquiry can help institutions offer an equity approach to inclusivity and authentic engagement.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Telling the Untold StoriesLocked

George Mason University Frames the Conversation Around Its Institutional Namesake and His Legacy
From Volume 48 Number 3 | April–June 2020
Through historical study, outreach, and education, undergraduate students at George Mason University began research that developed into the Enslaved Children of George Mason Project. The goal was to broaden the university narrative, encourage discussion about American ideals of equality and freedom, and transform a complex historical legacy and memorial into an inclusive campus place for reflection and dialogue.
Conference Presentations

Education, Opportunity, and Justice in a Post-COVID World

Published 2020
SCUP 2020 Annual Conference. Leaders across higher education have had to confront the collision of three pandemics—health, economic, and racial. No institution has escaped worrying about the wellbeing of staff, students, faculty and alumni; no school has gone untouched by the economic fallout of going online or staying in place; all anticipate new costs whether instruction is online or hybrid. Where does diversity, equity, and inclusion fit in this world? Should it fit?
Conference Presentations

The Empowered University

Shared Leadership for Academic Success and Crisis Management
Published 2020
SCUP 2020 Annual Conference. Freeman A. Hrabowski III has led a transformation of University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) from a young, regional institution to an innovative research university. In this opening keynote, he discusses his new book, The Empowered University, which probes the ways in which an empowering culture and shared leadership enable a campus to tackle tough issues when times are good and manage challenges when crises emerge.
Webinar Recordings

Voices from the Field: Episode #20

Opportunity Amid Disruption
Published 2020
Recorded June 29. Hear how Grand Valley State University’s Loren Rullman frames the changes COVID-19 brings to student life, using the word “more”—more technology, more options, more outside-the-box thinking, and more action and cultural change—as we look ahead to the transformation of campuses for fall and beyond.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

If Tuition Rises . . .Locked

. . . Does Racial and Ethnic Minority Student Enrollment Plummet?
From Volume 48 Number 1 | October–December 2019
When the cost of American higher education goes up, access to economic opportunity, social mobility, and positive academic outcomes are, subsequently, restricted for students of color. Campus admissions and retention planning professionals are first witnesses to the inequality.
Conference Presentations

Incorporating Critical Race Theory in Physical Planning

Published 2019
Learn from Portland Community College's ongoing exploration of what it means to apply Critical Race Theory to the built environment.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Framework for Planning Organizational DiversityLocked

Applying Multicultural Practice in Higher Education Work Settings
From Volume 46 Number 3 | April–June 2018
Cox’s model is used to determine whether a unit is on its way to becoming an effective multicultural organization, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.