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5 Questions About the Future of Higher Education

Join Jim Downey, vice president of planning and institutional effectiveness at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Nick Santilli, SCUP’s senior director of learning, as they use SCUP’s Fall 2020 Trends for Higher Education report to explore “What If?” questions in a practical format that will allow your team to pinpoint areas for institutional advancement.

5 Ways to Use Environmental Scanning

The practice of environmental scanning is often a first step in the strategic planning process. Typically, planning teams engage in an exhaustive analysis of the internal and external forces acting on the institution to set the planning context. But should scanning the internal and external environment be limited to the early phases of strategic planning?
Webinar Recordings

Coffee Chat: Tracking the External Environment

Join Nick Santilli and Jim Downey for a conversation that will highlight the SCUP Spring Trends and SCUP Trends for Canada reports. Scanning the external environment is a key factor in keeping your institution nimble and change-ready—two facets necessary for effective institutional planning. These documents are essential tools for strategic planning, scenario planning, and contingency planning.
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Higher Education’s Financial Trajectory

Moody's will discuss the financial outlook for the higher education sector over the next two years and beyond.
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Keynote | Guy Kawasaki

In this session, Guy will explain how to create innovative products and services using tactical and practical techniques. He’ll pull examples from Apple and other tech firms to illustrate ten key concepts of innovation and change. These are methods, honed from the front lines of tech businesses, that schools can apply when working with their staffs and also teach to their students. This session recording is available only until January 3, 2022.
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Keynote | Katherine Newman

As the chief academic officer of the University of Massachusetts system and as a labor market sociologist, Katherine Newman will provide valuable insight on how global changes are affecting the academic, research, and public service mission of higher education.
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Keynote | Michael Sorrell

Dr. Michael J. Sorrell is the longest-serving president in the 148-year history of Paul Quinn College. During his near 14 years of leadership, Paul Quinn has become a nationally regarded institution for its efforts to remake higher education in order to serve the needs of under-resourced students and their communities.
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Keynote: Amidst Converging Storms | Part One

In the first of two keynotes focusing on higher education’s “perfect storm,” a cross-disciplinary panel will speak to their current challenges in opening their campuses this fall, whether it be in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid capacity.
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Keynote: Amidst Converging Storms | Part Two

In the second of two keynotes focusing on higher education’s “perfect storm”—the confluence of a global pandemic, financial crisis, shifting demographics, and a changing culture—a cross-disciplinary panel will discuss their integrated planning strategies for moving from a state of triage to transformation.
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Planning with Purpose

In this session, we will broaden our view into the future and explore higher education's role over the long term as a critical agent of social progress.
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Post-Pandemic Pivots

In this session, we’ll explore how to step back from moments of crisis and see them in perspective, as moments also brimming with opportunity to regroup, rethink our strategies and refocus our resources to lead.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Prioritizing Campus Diversity Budgets

Researchers learned that if diversity initiatives were a strategic priority for an institution, the 2020 financial crisis did little to reduce budget allocations.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Reading Here, There, and Everywhere

The expanding hybrid physical-digital information landscape is challenging how we plan the 21st-century campus to support new types of literacy for our students and researchers.

Succeeding at Planning Survey Report

SCUP partnered with the Baker Strategy Group in 2015 to conduct a study with more than 2,200 leaders who plan at colleges and universities. Several themes emerged around planning challenges and how to respond, which are explored in this report.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Teetering on the Demographic Cliff, Part 1

A long-term decline in birth rates raises fundamental planning questions for higher education as the pool of 18-year-olds contracts after 2025. How can planners and leaders use the time we have to prepare for some of the most wrenching changes in a generation?
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The Campus 2050 Initiative

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The Higher Education Federal Policy Landscape

As we approach the first six months of a new administration and Congress, Terry Hartle, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs at the American Council on Education, will provide perspective on the impact so far of the changes to the political landscape from the 2020 elections and the potential public policy road ahead for higher education and accreditation.
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The Paradigm Shift for Higher Education

Join us to discuss the postsecondary education paradigm shift and its potential impact on our educational infrastructure, ecosystem, and role.
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The Planner’s Bookshelf: Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education

Join Lynn Priddy, president and CEO of Claremont Lincoln University, for a conversation with higher education futurist Mary Landon Darden, in which they explore—via Darden’s book—how a culture of entrepreneurism can lead higher education into a brighter and more sustainable future.
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Trends that Impact Higher Education Planning

Join Jim Downey, former vice president for planning and institutional effectiveness at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and senior strategy consultant, and Nick Santilli, former provost at John Carroll University and SCUP’s senior director of learning strategy, as they use SCUP’s Fall 2021 Trends for Higher Education report to explore “What If?” questions in a practical format that will allow your team to pinpoint areas for institutional advancement.
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What If?

Two SCUP leaders use SCUP’s Trends for Higher Education report to explore five “What If?” questions, breaking down big trends and exploring how these trends might impact higher education.