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Insights from SCUP’s Spring 2022 Trends in Higher Education Report

There are a multitude of internal and external forces that impact higher education, but how can you be intentional about examining and understanding these trends? From finding your way post-pandemic, to demographic shifts and political changes, to social movements and the evolving economy and technology, regular environmental scanning will inform decisions around your strategic plan development or plan implementation.

Join Jim Downey, senior strategy consultant, and Nick Santilli, SCUP’s senior director of learning strategy, as they use SCUP’s Spring 2022 Trends for Higher Education report to explore “What If?” questions in a practical format that will allow your team to pinpoint areas for institutional advancement.

This webinar is a must for anyone serving in a planning capacity in higher education, be it academic, institutional research, institutional effectiveness, campus planning, student affairs, etc.


Jim Downey, senior strategy consultant
Nicholas Santilli, Senior Director of Learning Strategy, Society for College and University Planning

Recorded May 23, 2022.

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