Transforming for Turbulent Times

An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders
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Higher education is entering a period of unparalleled turbulence. By 2030, a global knowledge, work, and learning ecosystem will revolutionize work and learning. It will empower individuals to fuse learning, living, and work over 60-year time spans. Tens of millions of additional learners—or even more—will be added to the global learning force. To compete in this rapidly expanding arena, traditional institutions will need to transform, starting now.

Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders will help you support your institution in its efforts to rise to these challenges.

This book outlines a proven, eight-step process for planning, leading, navigating, and orchestrating the transformations necessary to thrive in this new ecosystem. Whatever your role in your college, university, or learning enterprise, you’ll learn the principles, techniques, and actions that will make you indispensable to its transformation in these turbulent times.

“Change at universities and colleges often happens at a glacial pace, a luxury not afforded us in this time of tectonic and rapid shifts in the world. This book is a must read for leaders struggling to transform their institutions; it offers case studies, exemplars, and methods for approaching the challenge and accelerating the work. We learn best from stories and these are powerful stories of success at a time when so many institutions are struggling, offering not only valuable information, but also hope.”

—Paul LeBlanc, President, Southern New Hampshire University

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