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A DIY Campus Preservation Plan

A for-credit academic class of graduate students gets involved with UMW’s campus heritage and works to integrate it with the overall campus master planning process.
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Advancing Institutional Sexual Violence Prevention Education Through Faculty Research: Part 1

Vice President Diorio describes how Student Life (or other institutional areas) can successfully embrace faculty researchers to further institutional goals.
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Building Diversity Through Innovative Engagement and Flexible Design

Join us to learn how you can engage diverse student groups in the design process with social media and new technology to create more inclusive and equitable campus spaces.
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Climate Justice and Solutions

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability is leading coordinated climate education on a global scale. Learn more about how they are working with international colleagues in more than three dozen countries to organize a Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice set for March 30, 2022.
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Connecting Wellbeing With Learning and Engagement

We'll demonstrate how two universities are using design to drive impact, sharing resources, and working together to build programs that prioritize student wellbeing.
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Designing an Inclusive Engagement Process for Diverse Campus Representation

In this session, presenters share their layered, inclusive planning process that engages and empowers campus and community constituents to celebrate cultural expression through the built environment.
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Designing an Inclusive Post-pandemic Return to Campus

This session will explore the process, key insights, and design interventions from our research project focused on designing a post-pandemic return to campus.
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Facilities Planning for Community Colleges

The planning team for Portland Community College will discuss lessons learned while practicing equity to create an inclusive Facilities Plan for Oregon’s largest higher education institution on thresholds of global, local, and institutional shifts.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Fully Engaged

The most effective master plans are those that reflect the myriad voices of the institution. Engagement should be informative, inclusive, meaningful, and fun—and should be the product of an integrated process.
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Innovative Tools for Engaging Challenges in Collaborative Governance

Join our panel to discuss how traditionally underserved students are reshaping higher education and gain tools and solutions that you can apply to engagement efforts on your campus.

Learning Space Design for the Ethnically Diverse Undergraduate Classroom

This pilot study was conducted to evaluate how space contributes to the learning outcomes of a demographically diverse class of students at Morgan State University, a Historically Black Institution.
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Master Planning Engagement Strategies for Underrepresented Students

This session offers new practices that yield social equity in campus planning and building design.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Quickly Building a Bridge

Executive leadership changes at Northern Michigan University led the interim president, interim provost, and Board of Trustees to call for a bridge plan to clearly articulate strategic work happening throughout campus. This article describes how the university was able to develop an interim strategic plan with broad campus engagement in less than half a year.
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Reckoning with Entangled Histories

In this symposium, four institutions will share their approaches to these complicated questions and how they’re continuing the conversation around the legacy of slavery on their campuses.
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Renovating a Library So It Exceeds Sustainability Policies

The Neilson Library renovation went above and beyond Smith College’s campus sustainability policy by implementing a sustainability charter, prioritizing health and wellness, and advocating for positive change.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Seven Lessons in Inclusive Campus Design

Institutions are starting to grapple with histories of developing indigenous lands and the legacy of an able-bodied vernacular within campus design that continues to reinforce in-groups and out-groups.

Smart Building, Smart Campus

This is a SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2019–2020 program. This report explores the hypothesis that user-centered design would better address STEM student needs and could increase the likelihood of a broader adoption of remote labs.
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Student Engagement Leads to Thriving Residence Hall

This session will examine the successful process behind planning Trippe Hall, a residence hall at Penn State Behrend.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Tell Us What You Think

More than 1,600 students and alumnae provided input through online mapping tools and in-person workshops. Staff and faculty were interviewed in person and via phone. And Instagram was used to reach 6,400 members of the campus community.
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The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners

More than ever, nontraditional students and adult learners are making up more and more of the student body at colleges and universities across the country. Learn how to effectively stand out from other institutions who are making mistakes in 10 key areas with the adult learner population.
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The Dynamics of Student Engagement and Socialization in Virtual Environments

Panelists from three institutions will share their campus projects and discuss how you can employ virtual student engagement and socialization practices—including how to leverage facilities—to enhance the student experience on your campus.