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Integrated Planning Was Leveraged to Optimize Community Participation in the University of California, Berkeley’s Campus Master Plan
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From Volume 50 Number 2 | January–March 2022
By Caitlyn Clauson, MUP, and Marissa Cheng, MArch, AICP
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Institutions referenced in this resource:
University of California-Berkeley

The most effective master plans are those that reflect the myriad voices of the institution. We’re finding the engagement process is fast becoming as important a product of the plan as the plan itself. Engagement should be informative, inclusive, meaningful, and fun—and should be the product of an integrated process. Leveraging the University of California, Berkeley’s Campus Master Plan as a case study, this article provides a framework for developing custom engagement strategies, and highlights examples, lessons learned, and tips for optimizing meaningful participation.

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