Regional Council Sponsorship Chair – All Regions

SCUP’s regional councils are at the heart of our community and connection. Overseeing programmatic exchanges, people connections, and volunteer and leadership development, the regional councils are helping the higher education community learn more about planning at the grassroots level.

The regional chair appoints the sponsorship chair. Identify and solicit corporations that are interested in sponsoring at the regional level. SCUP has regional sponsors whose support is for the region as a whole, not one event. Benefits reflect year-round support through web and program listings.


  • The sponsor chair (SC) may appoint a committee to assist in these efforts.
  • Compile a prospect list using data and updates from previous years provided by the SCUP office.
  • The SC is to conduct all solicitations in accordance with SCUP policy.
  • Communicate with SCUP staff, your regional chair, and conference chair on a regular basis to keep them informed of sponsorship progress. It is also important to share this information so sponsors receive appropriate recognition in the conference program, on the web page, in signage, etc.
  • Send thank-you letters to the sponsors within three weeks of their commitment.
  • Take part in the sponsor coordinator meeting in July during the annual conference if you are able to attend the conference (at your expense).
  • Attend the regional council retreat at a location known or to be determined based on conference location; SCUP pays for transportation and lodging.

Restrictions: There is one chair per region.

SCUP Membership Required? Yes

Minimum Qualifications: None

Terms of Service: The sponsorship chair has a three-year term limit, with the opportunity for reappointment for a second term. After a second term, the sponsorship chair may serve in a different role as a SCUP volunteer.

Time Commitment: 1-5 Hours Month

Training: Limited Training by Staff

Travel Requirements: 2 Meetings Annually

Be sure to visit the Regional Council pages to learn more about our current volunteers.