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Mimi Bell
Managing Editor734.669.3289
Kathy Benton
Associate Director, Strategic Alliances; Main Press Contact734.669.3271
Lakeeya Blue
Event Coordinator734.669.3284
Shaunna Cahill
Content Strategist734.669.3272
Helen Giordani
Operations Analyst734.669.3299
Stephanie Henyard
Systems Administrator734.669.3279
Planning Institute Program Manager734.669.3298
Jillian Isola
Events Assistant734.669.3286
Director, Communications and Marketing734.669.3274
Martha Marotta
Corporate Relations Manager734.669.3283
Linda Stepp Pearcy
Business Associate734.669.3287
Senior Director of Learning Strategy734.669.3273
Catherine Short
Membership Records Associate734.669.3292
Beth Smith
Finance Manager734.669.3285
Megan Snow
Member Relations Associate734.669.3290
Melissa Strok
Office Administrator734.669.3281
Jennifer Thompson
Marketing Manager734.669.3288
Senior Director, Operations and Events734.669.3291
Leigh Ann Voulgaris
Education Coordinator734.669.3294
Matthew Wedekind
Computer Systems Specialist734.669.3278
Sadie Wutka
Director of Content Strategy734.669.3293