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Regional Chair – All Regions

SCUP’s regional councils are at the heart of our community and connection. Overseeing programmatic exchanges, people connections, and volunteer and leadership development, the regional councils are helping the higher education community learn more about planning at the grassroots level.

Regional chairs are responsible for communications with members in their regions, membership recruitment, retention, programming, and other activities. Regional chairs are elected by members of their respective regions and serve for a single three-year term.

Regional chairs serve on the SCUP Council. The council provides knowledge, expertise, and insight into the SCUP’s community, bringing an understanding of the current and future environment. The council develops an integrated plan that advances SCUP’s strategic plan.

SCUP’s regions are responsible for delivering a broad range of programs and services to its members. This is accomplished via a deep collaboration with SCUP staff. This collaboration includes:

  • Interpreting needs and content issues voiced by members.
  • Developing and implementing programs reflecting needed content.
  • Providing opportunities for SCUP community and others from higher education to connect and network.
  • Developing sponsorship strategies to help underwrite the cost of delivering needed programs and services.
  • Providing opportunities for leadership succession that nurture potential leaders for both regional councils and the national board of directors.
  • Discussing, interpreting, and implementing board of directors’ policies.
  • Ensuring opportunities for volunteer activity within regional membership.
  • Ensuring adequate representation from, and knowledge content for, members from academic, budget/resource, and campus planning areas.

Restrictions: There is one chair per region.

SCUP Membership Required? Yes

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Membership in SCUP for three years and resident of the region to be served (temporary lapses in membership of less than one year are allowed).
  • Significant experience in or be actively engaged in higher education.
  • Commitment to participate in an orientation plus two SCUP council meetings per year.
  • Lead a regional council retreat each year, plus monthly conference calls.
  • Evidence of recent, active involvement in regional activities such as: a) Membership on the regional council for more than one year; b) Leadership role in the development of at lease one region-wide members initiative, c) Demonstrated significant leadership in other ways at the regional level.

Desired Qualifications:

  • History of supporting regional activities such as reviewing proposals, supporting the planning and implementation of regional events
  • Insight into the unique aspects that define the SCUP region
  • Experience with organizing volunteer activities and the aptitude for recognizing volunteer potential.

Desired Attributes:

  • Commitment to the future of the organization and the capacity to facilitate change.
  • Ability to navigate within SCUP’s organizational culture.
  • An in-depth understanding of the SCUP Strategic Plan and ability to think strategically.
  • An understanding of the interplay between academic, facilities, and resource planning and the power to think systemically.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to dedicate time in service to SCUP.

Terms of Service: Three Years

Time Commitment: 11+ Hours Month

Training: Orientation Meeting

Travel Requirements: 3-4 Meetings Annually

Be sure to visit the Regional Council pages to learn more about our current volunteers.