Membership Committee At-Large Member – All Regions

The SCUP Membership Committee works to create more opportunities for the higher education community to connect, engage, and continue the dialogue that will help every institution define its future. With an eye toward expanding our community, the Membership Committee’s connects members and non-members alike at SCUP and industry events, reminding us all of the value in expanding the conversation within and beyond our current membership.

The committee consists of a chair who also serves on the SCUP Council, and regional membership chairs from each of the five regions who also serve on their respective regional councils, and five at-large members.


  • Connect and engage the higher education community about the value of SCUP
  • Welcome new members and serve as a resource to them throughout their first year.
  • Introduce members to one another and encourage local connection.
  • Connect with lapsed members to re-engage and connect the value of SCUP to their day-to-day and strategic roles.
  • Provide input and feedback on membership strategies in support of the SCUP strategic plan and feedback from the perspective of the member.
  • Serve as an advocate and influencer for SCUP on the regional and national level via representation on social media, within other networks or events
  • Share information on regional membership activities and the interests and needs of members and nonmembers within the region.
  • Take part in membership activities at the annual, international conference and lead membership engagement and outreach at regional events.
  • Actively participate in committee and regional council calls and meetings, regional conferences, and the annual conference.

SCUP Membership Required? Yes

Minimum Qualifications: One to two years volunteer experience within SCUP, or equivalent within another association.

Terms of Service: Three Years

Time Commitment: 3-5 Hours Month

Training: Limited Training by Staff

Travel Requirements: 2 Meetings Annually

Be sure to visit the Membership Committee page to learn more about our current volunteers.