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Written by expert practitioners with decades of planning experience, our e-books offer ​in-depth explanations, powerful research, and exceptional insight​ to help you tackle new challenges and sticky problems.

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Campus Design

Published 1992
This book shows how a campus is defined through its physical image—buildings and landscapes are designed to communicate the institution's purpose, presence and domain as well as generate an image charged with symbolism.

Financial Planning Guidelines for Facility Renewal and Adaption

Published 1989
This publication provides executive managers and trustees with guidelines for long-term financial planning for plant renewal and adaption.

20/20 Planning

The Story of the First Twenty Years of the Society for College and University Planning
Published 1985
In celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2015, SCUP reissued this short and lively history of its first twenty years, originally published in 1985.
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