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Planning for Student ServicesLocked

Best Practices for the 21st Century
Published 1999
Through use of case studies, this book demonstrates how several institutions are transforming their traditional model for student services into a learner-centered model.

Doing Academic PlanningLocked

Effective Tools for Decision Making
Published 1996
This reader was developed to provide academic planners with tools to facilitate the transformation of higher education institutions from provider-centered cultures and organizations to leamer-centered franchises.

Campus PlanningLocked

Published 1996
This classic by Richard P. Dober, which thoroughly reviews the fundamentals of campus planning, was first printed in 1963.

Transforming Higher EducationLocked

A Vision for Learning in the 21st Century
Published 1995
This book, which became a national best seller, provides readers in the field of higher education with insights into how they can meet 21st-century challenges.

Campus DesignLocked

Published 1992
This book shows how a campus is defined through its physical image—buildings and landscapes are designed to communicate the institution's purpose, presence and domain as well as generate an image charged with symbolism.

Financial Planning Guidelines for Facility Renewal and AdaptionLocked

Published 1989
This publication provides executive managers and trustees with guidelines for long-term financial planning for plant renewal and adaption.

20/20 PlanningLocked

The Story of the First Twenty Years of the Society for College and University Planning
Published 1985
In celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2015, SCUP reissued this short and lively history of its first twenty years, originally published in 1985.
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