Transforming in an Age of Disruptive Change

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Published July 26, 2013
By Donald M. Norris, Robert Brodnick, Paul Lefrere, Joseph E. Gilmour, Linda L. Baer, and Ann Hill Duin
Planning Types: Strategic Planning
Challenges: Change Management

Look inside.

“A look at what the future looked like in 1995, and what happened in higher education as we moved through seventeen years to 2013? Then, a look ahead . . . Remember: Just because we are changing a great deal does not mean we are transforming.”

Another SCUP title, Transforming Higher Education—A Vision for Learning in the 21st Century, was once a higher education bestseller. In this monograph, co-author and SCUP Distinguished Service Award recipient Donald M. Norris and his team review what the Academy was doing and thinking in 1995, and what has happened since. They take stock of the present and look back at it from the perspective of 2020. Pragmatically, they suggest dual paths forward. Which will your institution take? Path A, reposition the core? Path B, leap into the future? Or perhaps, as the authors suggest, both?

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