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How to Search and Filter SCUP Learning Resources

Published December 22, 2022
By Shaunna Cahill, Content Strategist, SCUP

SCUP offers thousands of integrated planning resources to support your work

Over the decades, the SCUP community has developed thousands of integrated planning learning resources to share—and we’re still going! SCUP authors, produces, and curates these resources to help you prepare for the future, overcome challenges, and bring planning together at your college or university.

With so many great resources at your fingertips, how can you find what you need?

With SCUP’s digital learning resources library. Over the past few years, we’ve improved the experience on this page to make it easier for you to find the digital resources you need. With our powerful features, you can:

  • Browse the full list, sorting by date or title
  • Search on any keyword
  • Filter your search results by format, planning types and challenges, tags, and institutional characteristics.

Browse, Search, and Filter the Digital Learning Resources Library

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Ways You Can Browse, Search, and Filter

There are multiple ways you can browse, search, and filter the digital resources library. You can even mix and match search terms and filters, in any order! Let’s review some of the options available:


You can search by title, author, or keyword.


You can filter your search results or all digital resources by format, planning types, challenges, institution type, institutional location, and regional accrediting body.


Filter resources by type (journal, ebook, conference recording, etc.).

Planning Types

Filter resources that address any of the featured types of planning that takes place within colleges and universities. Read more about the planning types here.


Filter resources that address any of the featured challenges that are facing higher ed today. Read more about the challenges here.

Institution Types*

Public or private? Large or small? Filter resources by institutional characteristics.

Institution Locations*

Filter resources by SCUP region and setting (urban, rural, or suburban).

Regional Accreditors*

Filter resources about institutions accredited by any of these agencies.

* Note: Institution Types and Institutional Locations filters currently include only US and Canada institutions based on data from the Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) (US), and Statistics Canada and The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials. Regional Accreditors filters currently include only US institutions based on data from IPEDS. SCUP is grateful to Sue Drapeau for setting us up with Canadian institutional data.
If you would like to contribute information about institutions in your country, please contact

Refine Your Results Even Further

You can further hone in on relevant resources by clicking any tag or institution name from your search results to add it as a search refinement.

See It in Action


Try some example filters:

Tip: Clear individual filters by clicking their red “X” or start over by clicking “Clear All”:


Need help getting started? Our tutorial will walk you through the search and filter options available. Start the tutorial.

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Updated October 23, 2023.