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Adapt or Perish

This session explores critical education/workforce gaps in higher education and how they can be addressed through academic planning and learning environments.
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An Integrative Model for College and University Programs

A new method for program planning is proposed, based on identifying and benchmarking “student-winners” and “student-qualifiers,” that may find its most appropriate use in vertically-integrated planning within an academic unit such as a business school.
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Book Review: Higher Education Systems Redesigned

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Catapulting African-American Women to Degree Completion at Land-Grant HBCUs

What factors support degree completion for African-American women students at Land-Grant Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)? New research on African-American women's degree completion dives into the contributing factors that support these students and catapult them to the degree completion mark.
Example Plans

Creating a Legacy Like No Other

Strategic plan for the university, which is beginning its second decade after consolidation.
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Enhancing the Student Experience in the Sciences

Science education and science student retention are improved by transforming an underutilized campus space into an Academic Support Center that colocates critical undergraduate academic services.
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From Innovation to Impact

Rigorously evaluating the impact of innovative student success initiatives is key in meeting institutional goals for student outcomes, resource allocation, and return on investment.
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Good Academic Planning Is What Happens . . .

The division of Academic Affairs at the University of West Georgia worked with SCUP to integrate academic planning with facilities, accreditation, budget, student affairs, and student success.
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Indiana’s Twenty-First Century Scholars Program

Indiana’s Twenty-First Century Scholars program effectively meets the needs of high-risk and low-income students by understanding the student’s mind-set, providing mentoring relationships, being flexible with credit load minimums, and utilizing alumni for student recruitment.
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Innovation in Action

Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) is an emerging, innovative practice with the potential to create transformative institutional change.
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Keep on Keepin’ on

A support program for low-income and/or single-mother students to improve their persistence and retention was revisited 15 years after it had been launched at Charter Oak State College. Did follow-up with the graduates show that the effort had aided the former participants in obtaining their college degree? Had the collaboration between the institution’s Academic Services, Enrollment Management, and Financial Aid departments—and the support they offered—help the students to persevere? Based on survey results, was the program still of value, and what improvements needed to be made?
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Leveraging Institutional Planning to Benefit Latinx Students

How can institutional planners make a difference for underrepresented minority students? Senior administrators at East Los Angeles College addressed inequities in Latinx student transfer rates with data-backed culturally-relevant strategies.
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Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education

How can institutions leverage librarians as educational partners, complementing the classroom experience, to ensure students from all walks of life have a strong net of academic support?
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Planning for Equity

Come join our panelists for an in-depth discussion of research into student inequities and how their institutions plan to improve the student support system on their campus this fall.
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Streamlining the Process of Student Success and Persistence

A combination of course prerequisite simplification and focused efforts by academic advising and tutoring services, when and where needed most, can substantially improve student achievement and degree attainment.
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Supporting the Whole Student

In this session, we’ll share how the College of Marin and Chabot College's integrated learning centers are serving changing student populations using an inclusive library design approach.
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The Art and Science of Supporting Adult Learners

More than ever, nontraditional students and adult learners are making up more and more of the student body at colleges and universities across the country. Learn how to effectively stand out from other institutions who are making mistakes in 10 key areas with the adult learner population.
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The Why, What, When, Where, and How of Student Service Innovation

As the challenges students face become increasingly complex and interwoven, student service providers must innovate to meet student and institutional needs and differentiate themselves from competitors.
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Use Evidence to Plan Facilities That Drive Student Success

In this article, the author draws upon research from his book How to Get the Most Out of College to highlight the evidence that campus planners and designers can use to help drive student success.
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Voices from the Field: Episode #16

From The Hope Center at Temple University, Paula Umaña discusses caring and communication: the need to identify your most vulnerable students, then ensure that available assistance is visible and easy for them to access.