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Coffee Chat: Feeding and Comforting the Campus Community in a Pandemic

Join us for a discussion on food production and distribution in campus eateries during COVID-19. Questions regarding how the pandemic will influence the dining experience, the evolving menu of sustainable, healthy food, variety and choice, and how students come together to share a meal will be considered.
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Design-Build Delivers Added Value to the University of North Georgia

Design-build delivery helps higher education institutions control costs, streamline processes and communications, and more efficiently and effectively meet project objectives.
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Designing Campus Food Venues to Build Community and Connection

In our hybrid environment, it’s more important than ever to pull people away from their devices to build community and connection on campus. Food has the power to bring students and faculty from different backgrounds together and provide a fundamental academic experience. Through campus and workplace examples, we’ll show how food venue design can set a positive tone for interaction and support meaningful connections and wellbeing. Come learn how to plan campus food venues that serve an academic purpose, refine venue goals, and inform venue design through operations to make it more impactful and sustainable.
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Enhancing the Student Experience Through Placemaking

Students thrive in authentic, multifunctional spaces that foster both individual reflection and social interaction and further the connection between place and the human experience.
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Experience vs Convenience

Two universities share how their hospitality teams rethought their dining operations over the past year—UConn, as one of the country's largest self-operated food service programs, focused on maintaining diverse options; Yale, as a transformational organization, committed to table gatherings and healthy, locally-sourced food.
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Great Days in New Ways!

This webinar will discuss finding ways to keep sustainable packaging for different styles of service, operational hurdles for trash pickup, and how to tell your campus' story to keep sustainability programs alive. Learn how speed, safety, and sustainability can coexist, as well as how food waste and food insecurity have been affected as a result of COVID-19, and what can be done to combat them.
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Keynote | Morgan State University

While students have greatly enjoyed the inclusive atmosphere, comradery, and campus activities at Morgan State University (MSU), they were less enthusiastic about the outdated campus housing and dining facilities—join us to learn about the planning process behind MSU’s 21st-century 700-bed housing facility, including a state-of-the-art dining hall.
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Make No Little Plans

Master plans are more than a campus-wide tool, and with thoughtful planning and execution, institutions can craft a vision tailored to student needs related to housing, dining, and the co-curricular student experience.
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Planning for: Allergen-Free Dining

Nearly half of all college students today avoid at least one food allergen, according to a report listed in our Spring 2020 issue of Trends in Higher Education. As the number of students with disclosed food allergies continues to rise, allergen-free dining has become a key consideration in creating a healthy and inclusive campus—as well as in recruitment and retention efforts. Recently, Michigan State University opened an allergen-free dining hall on its campus called Thrive. We caught up with Gina Keilen, Registered Dietitian, Culinary Services, at Michigan State to learn more about the planning process and how her team’s efforts are positively impacting the campus community.
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Safe, Smart Campuses for the Pandemic and Beyond

To examine how colleges are continuing to function during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Chronicle gathered a group of design experts, architects, public-health officials, college leaders, and student affairs officers for this virtual forum. Panelists discussed the lessons learned and how they are applying them to help everyone on campus thrive in spite of the present challenges:
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Student Centers

Carefully integrating campus dining strategies into student centers, particularly given today’s ubiquitous digital technologies, has the potential to create and enhance student face-to-face interactions and informal learning.
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Sustainability Action Plan 2010–2020

The college’s first broad sustainability strategy, with a special focus on food and dining services.