Welcome! New Regional Council Chairs

Published September 16, 2019
By Mike Moss, President, SCUP

SCUP Regional Council Chairs 2019

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew

This exact sentiment I saw come to life among the volunteers who comprise the SCUP Council the first time I met them in 2014. More than just their ability to balance volunteering with demanding day jobs, their passion for ideas, the power of connection, dialogue, and the urge to just want to help more people find their home in SCUP is inspiring. I’m happy to report that SCUP ‘s current volunteer leaders are no different.

SCUP’s mission to help deliver on the promise and potential of higher education begins with our board of directors setting strategic direction. The collaboration with staff to implement SCUP’s membership, learning, and event programming comes from our volunteers on the regional councils, professional development committee, membership committee, our academy councils and the many ad-hoc working groups that are formed throughout the year.

As we head into our fall regional programming, it is my pleasure to introduce to you this year’s Regional Council Chairs. These industry thought leaders have committed their time (and passion) to deliver valuable programming and critical conversations to SCUP’s members:

Heather, John, Dale, Lilian, and Kathryn represent the heart of where planning comes together, inspiring members to think globally, and to act locally. The five SCUP regions create member connections, while supporting the development of today and tomorrow’s planning leaders within and across our regions. (If you haven’t, I encourage you to connect with your SCUP region today—Mid-Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Central, Pacific, and Southern.)

Our community is stronger when we share our time and expertise with one another. But it’s even stronger when we see heart above time. 


Interested in volunteering? Get in touch with Dana Wnuk, our membership and community manager ( to explore opportunities.