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Nominations are now open!

Our community is stronger when we share our time and expertise with one another. We are now accepting nominations for the election of the SCUP North Atlantic and Southern Regional Council Chairs! Nominations must be received by SCUP no later than Friday, October 25.

Read the full job description.

Click on the link below to submit information about yourself or another candidate. You don’t need to ask permission from a candidate to nominate them. SCUP will contact all nominees to secure their permission before the nominating committee reviews and selects two candidates to stand for election.

Submit a Nomination

Grown out of the need to support membership, learning, and event development, the five SCUP regions create member connections, while supporting the development of today and tomorrow’s planning leaders. A dedicated group of volunteer leaders govern the regions and represent the heart of where planning comes together, inspiring members to think globally, and act locally. Connect with your region today—Mid-Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Central, Pacific, and Southern.

All of our regional councils’ work supports SCUP’s strategic plan adopted by the board of directors. The Councils’ efforts support the following initiatives:

Engage our Communities in Creating and Delivering Value

  • Strategy: Engagement – Enhance and expand opportunities to connect individuals, institutions, and organizations that advance higher education.

Deliver Learning that Strengthens and Transforms Higher Education Planning

  • Strategy: Individual Learning – Develop, implement, and continually improve a personalized and competency-driven portfolio of learning products.
  • Strategy: Institutional Support – Develop, implement, and continually improve services to develop institutional planning capabilities.

Enhance Value of the Society through Visibility, Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

  • Strategy: Outreach – Develop a framework to connect and engage with a diverse and dynamic array of institutions and corporations.