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Where planning comes together. T​he power of SCUP is its community. We learn from one another, sharing how we’ve achieved success and, maybe more importantly, what we’ve learned from failure. SCUP authors, produces, and curates thousands of resources to help you prepare for the future, overcome challenges, and bring planning together at your college or university.
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Conference Presentations

Make No Little Plans

Multi-Scale Transformative Planning Implementation
Published 2020
SCUP 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. Master plans are more than a campus-wide tool, and with thoughtful planning and execution, institutions can craft a vision tailored to student needs related to housing, dining, and the co-curricular student experience.
Conference Presentations

Mid-century Make-over

Creating a 21st Century Learning Center and Student Hub
Published 2020
SCUP 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. As part of repositioning for the 21st century, Drexel University renovated the Korman Center, a 1950s library, and the academic quad to serve as a 24/7 student hub and interdisciplinary academic study center that encourages student collaboration.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Student CentersLocked

Building Community with New Dining Experiences
From Volume 46 Number 2 | January–March 2018
Carefully integrating campus dining strategies into student centers, particularly given today’s ubiquitous digital technologies, has the potential to create and enhance student face-to-face interactions and informal learning.
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Creating a Perfect Union

Published 2018
John Taylor, CEO of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) collaborated with SCUP for an article in this issue of Learning By Design. A more perfect student union is possible when planners understand students and their campus environments, enabling more intentional design for creating and enhancing community building.

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Planning for Higher Education Journal

“Bubble Goo” Strategic Planning Case StudyLocked

From Volume 42 Number 1 | October–December 2013
The strategic exercise provided the opportunity to formulate concepts and create frameworks for student life space and experience, all while defining a program for the transformation of the campus center.