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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Breaking Barriers Locked

A Collaborative Approach to Problem-Solving Created a Culture of Campus Innovation
From Volume 49 Number 2 | January–March 2021
The University of West Georgia, toward dismantling silo thinking and promoting a sense of ownership within the workplace, formed a cross-divisional group: The Barriers Team. It was part of an initiative to recognize and encourage employee engagement, develop operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and eliminate obstructions to staff success.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Promoting Engagement in Strategic Planning Locked

Southeast Community College Used FAST Goals to Capture Stakeholder Interest
From Volume 48 Number 3 | April–June 2020
Creating a positive, reflective, inclusive, and transparent institutional climate facilitated improved engagement in and ownership of strategic and departmental planning. The process of using FAST goals (frequently discussed, ambitious, specifically measured, and transparent) produced constructive outcomes.
Conference Presentations

Education, Opportunity, and Justice in a Post-COVID World

Published 2020
No institution has escaped worrying about the wellbeing of staff, students, faculty and alumni; no school has gone untouched by the economic fallout of going online or staying in place; all anticipate new costs whether instruction is online or hybrid.
Conference Presentations

Keynote: The Empowered University

Shared Leadership for Academic Success and Crisis Management
Published 2020
Freeman A. Hrabowski III has led a transformation of UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) from a young, regional institution to an innovative research university. In our opening keynote, he discusses how—by taking a hard look in the mirror, understanding strengths and weaknesses, assessing opportunities and challenges, and engaging in difficult conversations—an empowered campus can innovate in course redesign, group-based and experiential learning, entrepreneurship and civic engagement, academic inclusion, and faculty diversity.
Webinar Recordings

Developing a Nimble and Change-Ready Planning Culture Locked

Published 2020
Recorded July 15. Panelists Nick Santilli from SCUP and Larry Squarini and Tony Adam from SPOL discuss how integrated planning can help develop a robust culture and take a deep dive into strategic, operational, continuity, and scenario planning.

This is part three of the series, “Planning in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Reviving Your Strategic Planning Process.”

Webinar Recordings

Voices from the Field: Episode #20

Opportunity Amid Disruption
Published 2020
Recorded June 29. Hear how Grand Valley State University’s Loren Rullman frames the changes COVID-19 brings to student life, using the word “more”—more technology, more options, more outside-the-box thinking, and more action and cultural change—as we look ahead to the transformation of campuses for fall and beyond.
Webinar Recordings

Voices from the Field: Episode #17

Common Good and Community Care
Published 2020
While transitioning to a fully remote experience in response to the pandemic, rural Pennsylvania’s Juniata College stayed true to its founding tenets of peace, simplicity, and community. Provost Lauren Bowen talks about the liberal arts institution’s deliberate framing of the crisis response as a shift in format, encouraging each constituency to be mindful of its individual needs while managing connections and expectations.
Conference Presentations

Setting the Table for Strategy and Culture to Dine Together

Published 2019
This session will explore how Georgia Tech is using a technique called appreciative inquiry to build a positive, productive culture through the strategy development and implementation process.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Framework for Planning Organizational Diversity Locked

Applying Multicultural Practice in Higher Education Work Settings
From Volume 46 Number 3 | April–June 2018
Cox’s model is used to determine whether a unit is on its way to becoming an effective multicultural organization, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Assessment Locked

From Volume 38 Number 2 | January–March 2010
The guiding principles of institutions that have established a culture of assessment can be described as internally driven.