Jeffrey Ashley

2018-2019 SCUP Fellow and Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning
Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

SCUP Coaches: Danuta A. Nitecki, Dean of Libraries, Drexel University; Nancy Sturm, Principal, The Sextant Group, Inc.

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Jeffrey Ashley (PhD Environmental Chemistry from University of Maryland at College Park) began his teaching career two decades ago.  In that time, Jeff has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in his interdisciplinary area of environmental chemistry as well as in science pedagogy. Jeff received the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award in 2012 recognizing his innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  Jeff is the founding coordinator of Thomas Jefferson University’s Active Learning Space Initiative, which aligns faculty members’ active, real-world, and collaborative pedagogies with mindfully designed learning. Jeff also served as the Director of the former Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning with the mission of supporting and nurturing faculty members’ experimentation and innovation in teaching approaches that deepen student learning.  Jeff was a SCUP Fellow in 2018-19 and research the impact of physical learning spaces on developing students’ soft skills. He is an adamant believer that innovative learning spaces can optimize learner-centered approaches to teaching and continues to lead his campus’ goal of overhauling traditional learning spaces, one space at a time!