Mimi Bell

Managing Editor

Mimi Bell, as the managing editor for the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), delights in working with the authors who contribute to Planning for Higher Education. Her view is that when they share their perspectives through content, they start valuable conversations that engage diverse leaders across campuses.

In short: She runs with a red pencil. Not so short: Bell has more than 20 years of experience in writing articles and aligned digital content, editing publications (magazines, journals, workbooks, small press books, and more), and teaching writing/editing classes for freelance writers’ associations, the American Society of Business Publication Editors, and community colleges and universities. She’s lived in Chicago, San Francisco, and Minneapolis, and now calls her hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, home once again.

She’s enraptured by Honeycrisp apples; enjoys growing—and pruning—roses; baking tarts, tortes, and a frozen chocolate Bȗche de Noël at Christmas; championing good manners; and shaking a stick at “text” writing.