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Addressing Mental Health and Implementing Holistic Wellness on Campus

We'll share approaches and resources that you can use to meaningfully design healthier spaces and implement mental health and wellness programs on your campus.
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Creating a Legacy Like No Other

Strategic plan for the university, which is beginning its second decade after consolidation.
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Creating a More Adaptive Institution in the Wake of COVID-19

This interactive panel discussion will bring together different institutions’ perspectives from facilities, technology, student services, and finance to understand the impact of COVID-19 on institutions and their student experience. The discussion will be organized in three parts, each with a prompt to inform the discussion, a poll to take the pulse of the audience, and an open discussion among panelists.

Innovation in Student Services

The authors, who are among IBM best practice partners, share they have been successful in integrating technology into their student services projects, redesigning their processes, implementing change, and extending their brand.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Institutional Process Mapping

Minnesota State Community and Technical College coordinated and integrated processes for student onboarding to support institutional performance.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Managing Change from the Murky Middle

Middle managers are often blamed for change failure and portrayed as change resisters or saboteurs. However, what looks like obstructionist behavior could actually be the observable effects of role ambiguity.
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Organizational Transformation to an Efficient Student-centered Service Model

We will show how to maintain a friendly warm-touch environment that leverages technology to streamline business processes, collect data, and utilize obtained data to cross train your team and improve productivity.

Planning for Student Services

Through use of case studies, this book demonstrates how several institutions are transforming their traditional model for student services into a learner-centered model.
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Renovating Student Services to Promote Success

Using the renovation of Normandale Community College's College Services Building as a case study, we'll discuss how integrating student services and creating an innovative service model can better promote student success.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Why, What, When, Where, and How of Student Service Innovation

As the challenges students face become increasingly complex and interwoven, student service providers must innovate to meet student and institutional needs and differentiate themselves from competitors.
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Transforming Student Services

Using Northwest Florida State College (NFSC) as a case study, you will learn about current trends in student needs and discuss how these trends drove change in NFSC's workflows, staff, space, furniture, and technology.