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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Digitizing EducationLocked

What’s Next?
From Volume 43 Number 3 | April–June 2015
As students work with virtual cohorts, classrooms evolve into totally flexible spaces using ubiquitous mobile technology to communicate anywhere, anytime.

Learning Space Design for the Ethnically Diverse Undergraduate ClassroomLocked

Published 2015
This pilot study was conducted to evaluate how space contributes to the learning outcomes of a demographically diverse class of students at Morgan State University, a Historically Black Institution.

Peer Engagement as a Common ResourceLocked

Managing Interaction Patterns in Institutions
Published 2015
This research project introduces a common means for researchers in space design, education, and information science to develop principles and best practices to improve return on investment in the design of informal learning environments.
Conference Presentations

Making an IMPACT!

Advancing Student-Centered Learning at Purdue University
Published 2014
Discussion will focus on the changing expectations for librarians, especially as instructional partners, the redesigning of library learning spaces to support instructional innovation, and elements necessary for developing a faculty learning community focused on enhancing student-centered learning.

Developing Research Methods for Analyzing Learning Spaces That Can Inform Institutional Missions of Learning and EngagementLocked

Published 2014
This research report explores the value of applying social science approaches to learning space design, toward understanding how students’s perceptions of campus space affect their learning experience.

Research on Learning Space DesignLocked

Present State, Future Directions
Published 2013
This report is a collection that summarizes and evaluates how far the field of learning space design has come in identifying the elements that will allow us to thoughtfully design learning spaces and evaluate their impact.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing Art Facilities that Support Truly Collaborative Approaches to Teaching and LearningLocked

From Volume 41 Number 1 | October–December 2012
The author explores the planning process for U Chicago's new multidisciplinary arts center, Logan Center, the final design of which challenges thinking on conventional program pairs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Constructing the Interdisciplinary Ivory TowerLocked

The Planning of Interdisciplinary Spaces on University Campuses
From Volume 36 Number 3 | April–June 2008
An analysis of strategic and campus plans at 21 research institutions reveals lessons learned regarding planning and nurturing interdisciplinary space.

In SyncLocked

Environmental Behavior Research and the Design of Learning Spaces
Published 2004
Designers and clients, whether in education or the corporate world, will each enjoy the way existing environmental/behavior research can be applied to the thoughtful consideration of these archetypes, either standing alone or used in combinations to create rich, interactive learning spaces.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Laboratory Campus for the HandicappedLocked

From Volume 4 Number 1 | February 1975
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