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Supporting Document Locked

Public Doctoral/Research University (CA, United States)
This document introduces the process the institution will take to develop an academic master plan, based on objectives outlined in the institution’s strategic plan.

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Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Resource and Planning Toolkit for Universities in Africa Locked

From Volume 41 Number 4 | July–September 2013
There is a significant gap in the level of development of higher education processes and structures between the institutions of the developing world and the well-established universities of places like North America and Europe.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

“Be Prepared” for Policy Windows Locked

Cultivating Campus Change
From Volume 41 Number 3 | March–May 2013
How can universities overcome the institutional inertia that impedes successful innovation and change?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Primer on Environmental Scanning in Higher Education

From Volume 41 Number 2 | January–March 2013
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Experiences and Insights from Use of a Design-Build Process in Founding a New Campus Locked

From Volume 40 Number 4 | July–September 2012
Design-build was the best choice for K-State Olathe because of the flexibility with regard to unknown users and change stakeholder expectations.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A DIY Campus Preservation Plan Locked

Lessons Learned at the University of Mary Washington
From Volume 40 Number 2 | January–March 2012
A for-credit academic class of graduate students gets involved with UMW’s campus heritage and works to integrate it with the overall campus master planning process.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education

Published 2012
This guide provides a basic overview of strategic planning at the post-secondary level and defines the elements of a successful process. It is also useful as a checklist for more experienced campus leaders, providing colorful vignettes of circumstances in which ineffective strategic planning can create many problems.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Rubric for Campus Heritage Planning Locked

From Volume 39 Number 3 | April–June 2011
The idea is to make architectural preservation a part of the living progress of the institution.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Distance Education Locked

A University's Pioneering Master of Social Work Program Partnership with the U.S. Army
From Volume 38 Number 4 | July–September 2010
Learn how a partnership between Florida State and the US Army planned for and implemented tailored MSW degrees.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

University Strategic Planning and the Foresight/Futures Approach Locked

An Irish Case Study
From Volume 38 Number 1 | October–December 2009
Dublin City University has taken the lead in Ireland in terms of its emphasis on strategic planning. Its 2005–2008 strategic plan, Leadership Through Foresight, was part of an ambitious foresight exercise that was aimed at informing subsequent strategic cycles. This article reports on this process in the context of the wider literature examining the value of foresight/futures thinking as applied to universities.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Collaborative, Ongoing University Strategic Planning Framework Locked

Process, Landmines, and Lessons
From Volume 37 Number 4 | July–September 2009
Planners at Cleveland State University describe that institution’s highly communicative and participatory strategic planning process.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Guide to Planning for Change Locked

From Volume 37 Number 2 | January–March 2009
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