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Strategic Planning That’s Truly Strategic

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Delivered September 9, 2022
Presented by Aimee Hosemann, PhD, RHB | Rob Zinkan, EdD, RHB
Planning Types: Strategic Planning

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What do strategic plans do? Who are they for? What does it mean to be “strategic”? These are among the questions addressed in a recent year-long study of 108 active college and university strategic plans (and the basis of the 2021 book What Makes a Strategic Plan Strategic). Hear directly from the researchers as they highlight a few important insights they discovered during their analysis, like how to avoid the many pitfalls of strategic planning and ensure a process focused on strategy and outcomes.


Aimee Hosemann, PhD, Director of Qualitative Research, RHB
Rob Zinkan, EdD, Vice President for Marketing Leadership, RHB

Recorded September 1, 2022.

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