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Planning for Higher Education Journal

January 1, 2018

Presidential Job Satisfaction

Variables That Impact Satisfaction in Public and Private Higher Education Institutions

In today’s ever-changing higher education climate, college and university presidents face unprecedented demands that can significantly impact their job satisfaction and, in turn, institutional performance.

From Volume 46 Number 2 | January–March 2018

Abstract: Higher education has entered a new paradigm in relation to organizational operations and assessment. The days of ever-expanding budgets with little or no accountability are gone. Given the demands of multiple internal and external stakeholders trying to influence or control the institution, there seems to be constant stress on the top administrator to do more with less. Today’s college and university presidents face new and more complicated situations that were not faced by their predecessors, and their ability to handle those stressful variables can affect everyone involved with the institution. Job satisfaction is an individualistic component of any position, and a positive outlook shown by the top administrator can have a far-reaching impact on all stakeholders.

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