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Where planning comes together. T​he power of SCUP is its community. We learn from one another, sharing how we’ve achieved success and, maybe more importantly, what we’ve learned from failure. SCUP authors, produces, and curates thousands of resources to help you prepare for the future, overcome challenges, and bring planning together at your college or university.
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After the Fall

Including Faculty in Retention Efforts Without Burnout
Published 2021
Come learn how you can plan and coordinate campus-wide retention efforts and promote faculty participation at your institution.
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The Faculty Factor

Creating Buy-In for Difficult Planning
Published 2021
In this sessino we explore the successes and failures involved in two planning initiatives that required broad-based faculty support in order to reverse issues with programmatic quality, student success, and institutional accreditation.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning for Instructional Continuity Locked

Develop a Communication and Implementation Strategy Before a Short-Term Class Disruption Happens
From Volume 49 Number 1 | October–December 2020
Classes can be cancelled because of inclement weather, faculty being unavailable, IT or power outages, pandemic-related closures, and other occurrences. The result of any of these circumstances can be a loss of instruction. St. Joseph’s University developed and applied a best practices guide to ensure the continuation of instruction in the advent of many short-term disruptions.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Challenging “If You Build It, They Will Come” Locked

Success of Active Learning Is About More Than the Space
From Volume 48 Number 2 | January–March 2020
Active learning spaces can be catalysts for improved teaching and learning. Yet the key to planning for and effectively implementing them on campus is faculty who are willing to change, accept, and evolve their instructional delivery.
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Best Practices for Instructional Continuity During Short-Term Disruptions

Published 2020
This session will showcase best practices for instructional continuity for most short-term disruptions.
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Voices from the Field: Episode #7

Beyond Academics: A Supportive Faculty Helps Ensure Continuity
Published 2020
Florida Atlantic University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Bret Danilowicz discusses how their online-experienced faculty stepped up to assist colleagues, how he’s prioritizing to ensure continuity and assess capital projects, and the importance of pulling together as a community to find ways to help beyond academics.
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The Evolving Academic Workplace

Published 2020
Learn current methodologies for effective, function-based workplace planning that eliminate redundancies, break down silos, allow dynamic modes of working, and increase collaboration.
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Example Plan Locked

Private Master’s College or University (PA, United States)

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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Adjunct Faculty Can Increase Student Success

Create Opportunities for Them to Lift Graduation and Retention Rates
From Volume 48 Number 1 | October–December 2019
Although the numbers of adjunct faculty members at most institutions of higher education have increased, those instructors rarely are included in programs to improve student achievement. But Cal Poly Pomona, by providing modest resources and mentoring, generates opportunities for adjuncts to positively affect student success.
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Rethinking the Faculty Office

Published 2019
This review of faculty workspace innovations across our region's institutions will challenge conventional thinking about how faculty space should be allocated within departments.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Faculty Motivation in Challenging Times Locked

Do Leadership and Economic Conditions Matter?
From Volume 47 Number 1 | October–December 2018
Financial concern influences many of the factors that make up job satisfaction for faculty in small-to-medium-sized institutions; transparent leadership can mitigate some of these concerns.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Integrating Planning Into the Development of Future Higher Education Leaders

From Volume 46 Number 3 | April–June 2018
A practitioner-based program uses the practices of integrated planning to cultivate the knowledge and decision-making capacity of mid-level faculty and administrators, enhancing the higher education leadership of tomorrow.
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