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Including Faculty in Retention Efforts Without Burnout
Published March 19, 2021
Presented by Marcia Schmidt Blaine, Plymouth State University
Planning Types: Academic Planning

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Plymouth State University

Retention matters for practical (keeping the doors open), ethical (successfully educating students), and cultural reasons (improving campus climate, which in turn improves retention and persistence.) In this session, we'll focus on the effective and budget-conscious retention efforts for a northeastern regional public institution. While administrative staff played an essential role, educating and coordinating faculty made a key difference in the success of these efforts. Come learn how you can plan and coordinate campus-wide retention efforts and promote faculty participation at your institution.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Generate practical ideas for gaining a campus-wide understanding of retention efforts already underway.
  2. Identify ways to focus and coordinate retention efforts to gain results.
  3. Use data more effectively to educate faculty and staff about how they fit in efforts of retention and persistence.
  4. Apply practical strategies to engage and activate faculty members in retention and persistence.


Marcia Schmidt Blaine

Exec.Dir. Of Government Relations
Plymouth State University

Recorded March 19, 2021.

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