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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Leveraging Institutional Planning to Benefit Latinx Students Locked

Racially Disaggregated and Actionable Data Improve Community College Transfer Success
From Volume 49 Number 2 | January–March 2021
How can institutional planners make a difference for underrepresented minority students? Senior administrators at East Los Angeles College addressed inequities in Latinx student transfer rates with data-backed culturally-relevant strategies.
Conference Presentations

The Kitchens

How a Culinary Arts Program Supports Community Revitalization
Published 2021
In this session, you'll learn how RCC delivers culinary workforce training and academic programs in a satellite facility at the heart of a poverty-concentrated area, pushing back economic isolation and promoting learning and health.
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The Library in Transition

A Community College Hub for Student Success
Published 2021
The transformation of CCP's library will aid a diverse student body with learning, tutoring, research, and social spaces—learn from this project and discover methods to help your students achieve educational success.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Promoting Engagement in Strategic Planning

Southeast Community College Used FAST Goals to Capture Stakeholder Interest
From Volume 48 Number 3 | April–June 2020
Creating a positive, reflective, inclusive, and transparent institutional climate facilitated improved engagement in and ownership of strategic and departmental planning. The process of using FAST goals (frequently discussed, ambitious, specifically measured, and transparent) produced constructive outcomes.
Conference Presentations

Go Nowhere Without a Partner

Published 2020
This session will demonstrate how to meet complex needs for economic mobility and the workforce through several diverse partnerships. You’ll learn about various sources you can use to achieve successful project results as well as how you can nurture your campus and community partnerships for the long term.
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Simulation and Partnerships

Immersive Public Safety Training Comes to Campus
Published 2020
This session will explore trends and partnership development strategies around simulation-based training facilities for first responder students and professionals.
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President’s Session | Every Student’s Dream Matters

Lorain County Community College’s Vision for Student Success
Published 2020
Come learn how Lorain County Community College (LCCC) identifies game-changing innovations and aligns resources to bring them to scale.
Webinar Recordings

Voices from the Field: Episode #19

Maintaining Community and Connection Through COVID-19
Published 2020
Suzanne Wilson Summers explains how Valencia College, a large urban community college system and her ACE Fellowship host school, harnessed the power of personal outreach to ensure students regained a sense of agency and connection while providing engagement for employees.

Fostering Innovation on Ohio’s Co-Located Campuses Through Collaborative Planning

Published 2020
This is the SCUP Fellow Research Project Final Report for the 2018–2019 program. This research project investigates whether co-located institutions, specifically, and competing institutions of higher education, more generally, could use the concept of “collaborative planning” to achieve mutual success.
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Two Community Colleges With Differing but Similar Survival Paths

Published 2020
This session will explore how two community colleges are making both similar and different strategic choices in order to thrive during a very uncertain period in higher education.
Example Plans

Academic Plan, Information Technology Plan, Master Plan, Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, Strategic Plan Locked

Public Associate’s College (CA, United States)
The institution displays their list of institutional plans in a clickable infographic that shows them in the context of the long-range planning cycle and the annual cycle.

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Conference Presentations

Integrating Facility and Academic Master Plans Through Collaboration

Published 2019
In this session, we will share how the Mid-Plains Community College engaged in a collaborative process across the campus and community to integrate the facility and academic master plans.
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