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Planning for Higher Education Journal

December 1, 2004

Evaluating the Success of Strategic Change Against Kotter’s Eight Steps

In evaluating a change process, based on Kotter’s “eight steps” for transforming organizations, undertaken at an institution based, the authors find that “key insights about the future of the organization” came from all levels and all units within the institution.

From Volume 33 Number 2 | December–February 2004

Abstract: New subscribers to the Harvard Business Review receive as a bonus with their first issue a compilation of fifteen classics, which appeared in previous HBR issues. One article, “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail”, by John P. Kotter, first appeared in the March-April 1995 issue and is often referenced as a guide to strategic change in organizations. It is the purpose of the article to evaluate a change process undertaken at a large comprehensive baccalaureate institution in the context of Kotter’s suggested eight steps in transforming an organization.

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