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A Guide for Optimizing Resource Allocation

By connecting assessment, strategic planning, and budgeting processes, the real needs and priorities of an institution are revealed. Colleges and universities can adapt the provided, step-by-step framework to their own institutional structure and methods.
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Align Processes and Foster Collaboration to Streamline Planning Engagement

The newly consolidated Augusta University implemented an annual planning and resource alignment process to streamline procedures and integrate strategic efforts across the institution.

Collection: Linking Resource Allocation to Planning and Assessment

Integrated planning is important, but it's not enough—plans must be linked to budgeting and assessment in order to create real change and progress. This collection of SCUP resources will help you learn how to link these three essential processes.
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Developing Shared Metrics to Guide Multi-level Institutional Planning

This session will focus on the development and use of consistent metrics through the program review process and other key university processes to support integrated planning at the department, school, and university levels.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Prioritizing Campus Diversity Budgets

Researchers learned that if diversity initiatives were a strategic priority for an institution, the 2020 financial crisis did little to reduce budget allocations.
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Strategic Resource Allocation

This session will focus on a proven process for fairly and holistically evaluating all current academic programs and support functions to assess their value and contribution to institutional success.
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Visualization of Academic Efficiency and Productivity

The author describes a method to display a variety of quantitative information in a compact, easy-to-understand way, providing an analytical tool useful in analyzing and comparing the relative strengths and weaknesses of an academic unit over time or in comparison with others.
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Your Resources

This session focuses on the need to employ a coordinated and aligned approach to planning, resource allocation, and assessment.