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A Developmental Perspective on Planning

Traditional planning fails to consider the complex, unpredictable ways that institutions change and develop.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: How to Implement Your Campus Strategic Plan

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Breaking Barriers

The University of West Georgia, toward dismantling silo thinking and promoting a sense of ownership within the workplace, formed a cross-divisional group: The Barriers Team. It was part of an initiative to recognize and encourage employee engagement, develop operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and eliminate obstructions to staff success.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Disrupting Poor Curricular Processes

A large-scale change process, such as a curricular process revision, can be made easier by following a proven approach and understanding the potential hazards and challenges involved.
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Don’t Get Me Started

This session will address the university's setbacks, challenges, opportunities, and solutions in launching a shoestring integrated planning process amidst multiple crises.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Evaluating the Success of Strategic Change Against Kotter’s Eight Steps

In evaluating a change process, based on Kotter’s “eight steps” for transforming organizations, undertaken at an institution based, the authors find that “key insights about the future of the organization” came from all levels and all units within the institution.
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From Surviving to Thriving

Join us to learn how you can create a culture of strategy execution to prioritize tactical daily work with your institution's overall strategy, leading to greater stakeholder investment in your shared vision.
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How Do You Grow and Sustain Indispensable Planners?

Institutional transformation requires more than a planner or a strategist—it requires a transformation architect. How can leaders grow and support transformation architects? The authors of Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders, share three sets of actions needed to enable and empower transformation architects.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

How Incremental Success Slows Transformative Change and Integrated Planning Achieves It

Our critics simply may not be satisfied that we are doing our part to control costs and extend access until they have seen transformative change.
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How to Create a Welcoming Campus

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Keynote | Michael Sorrell

Dr. Michael J. Sorrell is the longest-serving president in the 148-year history of Paul Quinn College. During his near 14 years of leadership, Paul Quinn has become a nationally regarded institution for its efforts to remake higher education in order to serve the needs of under-resourced students and their communities.
Planning for Higher Education Journal


This article traces the launch of a substantial reorganization of public higher education in Connecticut through the lens of “systemness”. The case study details the dynamics and challenges of implementing “Transform CSCU 2020” in a period of turbulence and change with a concluding focus on lessons learned.
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The Indispensable Planner

Learn more about how planners can play a new, indispensable role—transformation architect—in helping their institutions transform to meet current challenges. The authors of the new book, Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders, describe this transformative role, why planners are obvious candidates for the role, and the new mindset, behaviors, knowledge, and skills they will need to fulfill it.
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Transformation Best Practices in the Decade Ahead

Inexorable challenges demand that higher education transform . . . and that transformation needs to start now. Learn more about these challenges and the knowledge, skills, and capabilities an institution needs to transform in the coming decade from the authors of the new book Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders.

Transforming for Turbulent Times

Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders can prepare your institution for the new learning ecosystem that will revolutionize work and learning by 2030. This book outlines a proven, eight-step process for planning, leading, navigating, and orchestrating the transformation necessary to thrive in the new world of knowledge, work, and learning. Whatever your role in your college, university, or learning enterprise, you’ll learn the principles, techniques, and actions that will make you indispensable to its transformation in these turbulent times.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Using Positive Turbulence for Planning and Change

As higher education leaders, we must take charge of our destinies and shape our industry by harnessing the forces of positive change using innovative, intentional approaches.

What Is a Bridge Plan?

A bridge plan allows a college or university to continue to pursue defined strategic pathways during times of uncertainty or rapid, unpredictable change. It’s also a good solution for when faculty and staff are overwhelmed due to a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.