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A Research-Based Approach to Designing Higher Education Academic Spaces

This session will explore the new Academic and Residential Complex at the University of Illinois at Chicago to demonstrate the important role that research played in shaping its design.
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An Intersection of College and Community: Transforming Unused Facilities Into Vibrant Learning Centers can be a Win-Win

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) collaborated with SCUP for an article in this issue of Learning By Design. Read how Austin Community College repurposed facilities in an abandoned mall into a high-tech center for developmental math instruction.
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Building Community

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Campus Tour: Northwestern University

Touring select spaces in the Kellogg Global Hub, our professional business school, and Mudd Hall, a mixed-use research and library building, this session will provide an overview of recent north campus development.
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Creating an Ecosystem of Innovation in Non-traditional Academic Space

In this session, we will demonstrate how Drexel University used a mixed-use high rise building within an urban innovation zone to support growing enrollment.
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Creating Global-Ready Places

Global demographics are shaping new civic patterns which will strengthen the relationship between universities and cities in ways that create local prosperity.
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Designing Innovative Campuses for Tomorrow’s Students

Campus design and architecture will be the prime catalysts for transforming universities into our society’s engines of growth.
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Enhancing the Student Experience Through Placemaking

Students thrive in authentic, multifunctional spaces that foster both individual reflection and social interaction and further the connection between place and the human experience.
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Highlander Accelerator

In this session, we will discuss how to successfully plan campus facilities that accommodate place-specific educational content for non-traditional and underrepresented students as well as lifelong learning for community members.
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Leading with Culture and Community to Transform a University Building

We will share the planning behind the transformation of Yale Law School's Baker Hall and demonstrate how deeply engaging the new occupant's culture can powerfully guide building transformation.
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Private-Private Partnerships

Examine a number of cases where Butler University (a private institution) leveraged relationships with public and private partners to provide value to students and the greater community.
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The Informal Learning Environment

One of three presentations in a collection of informal learning environment imagery presented in twelve minutes or less by campus design leaders.
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The University as Neighborhood Builder

We will show you how to see your institution's land from a new perspective, apply fresh ideas about mixed-use campus space, and use an integrated planning process to build consensus in times of change.