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Book Review: Equity in Science

The author identifies five science disciplines as outlier exemplars for their work and success in creating equity-based change, using them to explore how equity issues seep into the everyday life of higher education. Multiple actionable steps are proffered to as readers in the conclusion on how we can address systematic change.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Book Review: The New PhD

Webinar Recordings

Climate Justice and Solutions

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability is leading coordinated climate education on a global scale. Learn more about how they are working with international colleagues in more than three dozen countries to organize a Worldwide Teach-In on Climate and Justice set for March 30, 2022.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Cultivating the Future of Graduate Education

Like any individual seeking to make a rational decision, doctoral students must decide if the benefits of earning this degree outweigh the costs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Distance Education

Learn how a partnership between Florida State and the US Army planned for and implemented tailored MSW degrees.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Instituting a New Degree Program

Change in higher education rests on the skills of administrators and their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various planning approaches described in this case study.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Linking Strategic Planning and Graduate Education

Planning for Higher Education Journal

Modifying the Strategic Planning Engine

Using the Strategic Planning Engine model resulted in a more objective, replicable, scalable, flexible, and transparent planning process with useful and relevant results.
Example Plans

Shaping What’s Next

The university’s detailed strategic plan, which includes goals focused on student success, diversity and equity, and increasing its presence as a research center.
Example Plans

Ten for One

The research university’s 2023 strategic plan.